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Some regulations:

Article 927 Civil Code: "Whoever finds a movable thing must return it to the owner and if he does not know it, he must hand it over without delay to the Mayor of the place where he found it, indicating the circumstances of the discovery."

art. 928 CC: "The mayor announces the delivery by means of publication in the praetorian notice board of the municipality, to be done for two successive Sundays and to be posted for three days each time"

art. 929 CC: “After one year from the last day of publication without the owner showing up, the thing or its price, if circumstances required its sale, belongs to whoever found it. So the owner as the finder, taking back the thing or receiving the price, must pay the costs incurred. "

For objects found in the territory of Braid, you must contact the Bravo Municipal Council's Bravo Office, via Barbacana 6, on the second floor.

Time for completion procedure: 60 days from the expiry date of the deposit term set by law (1 year).