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Definition of road accident: "A road accident is a harmful event that occurs on the road or its appurtenances, determined by inadequate conduct, action or omission, carried out by one or more people who drive vehicles or as pedestrians , create disruption to normal road traffic so as to cause more or less serious injury to people and animals or damage to property ".

How to behave in case of road accident

Road accident with slight material damage: If you are involved in a road accident with damage to material things only, you must report the stopped vehicle where necessary and, if necessary, eliminate the obstruction to traffic; in addition, the so-called CID Form (direct compensation) must be completed; this form must contain the data relating to the vehicles involved and those of the respective drivers and any passengers.


The form is signed by both protagonists who will hold two copies of the same each.


If the counterparties are unable to agree on the responsibility for what happened, it is possible to contact, every day of the year, the operations center of the Municipal Police of Bra at the telephone number which will send a patrol as soon as possible to carry out the surveys .


Road accident with injuries or with fatal outcome: In the event of a road accident with injuries (minor or serious) or with fatal outcome, it is necessary to request immediate medical assistance on the telephone number 118 for the transport of the injured to the nearest hospital .


At the same time it is necessary to contact, every day of the year, the Operations Center of the Municipal Police on the telephone number 0172.413744 which will send, as soon as possible, a patrol to carry out the surveys.


In both cases, but especially in the case of road accidents with injuries or with a fatal outcome, it is essential that the state of the places is not changed before the intervention of the operating patrol, as some elements such as the position of the vehicles, the position of the injured, any traces of braking and so on, are essential for a reconstruction of what happened as precise as possible.


In both cases, the driver who was involved in a road accident must, regardless of the outcome and dynamics, communicate what happened to his insurance company within 48 hours of the event, also providing the data of the other parties involved.


If public works (road signs, sidewalks, guard rails, etc.) are damaged in the road accident, it is necessary to inform the Bursar Office of the Municipality of Bra for compensation for damages.




What to do after the road accident


As foreseen by the current Highway Code, it is possible to request, by filling in the specific access form to the documents on plain paper, from the Traffic Accident Office of the Municipal Police of Bra open every Thursday from 10 to 12, a photocopy of what it was acquired by the Corps Patrol that intervened on the scene of the accident.


The documentation will be prepared as soon as possible and delivered to the interested party upon payment of the reproduction costs (A4 sheet € 0.10 each, A3 sheet € 0.20 each).


If from the road accident one of the protagonists has suffered injuries duly documented by a medical report issued by the competent Authorities, regardless of the prognosis, the person who has suffered the injuries can lodge a complaint-lawsuit for the crime of negligent personal injury against other subjects involved .


The complaint must be filed within 3 months from the date of occurrence of the facts; for all road accidents but especially for those in which the Braidese Municipal Police intervenes, it is possible, following an appointment with the Judicial Police and Road Accident Office, to draw up the report - complaint that will be sent to the judicial authority.


The lawsuit is absolutely free and involves no expenses of any kind for the plaintiff.


Download this file (polmun_ accessoattisinistro.pdf)polmun_accessoattisinistro.pdf[Road accident records access form]85 kB