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In order to install advertising systems, an application must be submitted, complete with a € 16 revenue stamp, to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Via Moffa di Lisio n. 24, in which the following must be clearly specified:

  • the complete details of the applicant (in the case of a legal person, the details of the legal representative)

  • the company name of the company on behalf of which the advertisement is carried out

  • the advertising surface of posters, gonfalons or other advertising facilities that are intended to be placed

  • any area of ​​public land occupied, if the installations rest on a base

  • the number of advertising artifacts

  • the location of the advertising products

  • a sketch from which it is possible to deduce the technical characteristics of the advertising installation (dimensions, type of support, message content and anchoring system)

  • the application must also be accompanied by the authorization of the entity that owns the road, when the advertisement concerns roads owned by Anas, the Region and the Province.

The tax on advertising must be paid to the Billboard Office of the Municipality of Bra.

The tax for the possible occupation of public land must be paid to the AIPA office with postal order.

Once the authorization has been obtained, the interested party will take care of the installation of the advertising systems in full compliance with the regulations provided for by the highway code and the relative execution regulations and in full compliance with the town planning and building regulations in force.

For temporary installations, the holder of the authorization is obliged to remove them after the deadline indicated in the authorization title.