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Normative References
Legislative Decree 30 April 1992 n. 285 (Cds)
DPR 16 December 1992 n. 495 (Cds Regulation)
D. Lgs 18 August 2000 n. 267


To be able to carry out audio advertising, an application must be submitted, complete with a € 16 duty stamp, to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Via Moffa di Lisio n. 24, in which the following must be clearly specified:

  • the complete details of the applicant (in the case of a legal person, the details of the legal representative)

  • the company name of the company on behalf of which the advertisement is carried out

  • specify the type of advertising (if commercial, electoral or other)

  • specify the area in which you intend to advertise (whether in the built-up area or outside the built-up area)

  • specify the vehicle used

  • when the advertisement concerns roads owned by Anas, the Region and the Province, the application must also be accompanied by the authorization of the entity that owns the road.

The tax on phonic advertising must be paid to the Billboard Office of the Municipality of Bra. 



  • allowed times: from 9 to 13, and from 16,30 to 19,30 hours except other specific provisions
  • It is forbidden to carry out audio advertising near the Hospital, Clinics and Nursing Homes for the elderly, as well as near the places where civil events and religious functions take place
  • sound emissions must be contained within the limits established by law and local regulations, and at any rate at a level that does not cause disturbance of rest and occupation of persons
  • whoever carries out the audio advertising must have this authorization with them and are required to show it at the request of the supervisory bodies
  • the authorization issued may be revoked in the event of non-compliance with the law and / or the provisions contained therein, as well as for reasons of public interest
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