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A more frequent convocation of the City Council of Bra. This is the request of the left-wing Democrat leader Claudio Gallizio, in the very long session (nine hours) that opened in the late afternoon of yesterday, Monday 30 January 2006.
During the evening, the Environment Advisor, Giovanni Marco Gallo, also announced that Bra has reached the 50% of separate collection and for these merits, in the coming days, will be rewarded in Turin among the "Recyclons Municipalities" of Piedmont . The central theme of the session, the solution to the city-related issue related to the construction of the Town of Bra of Montenero street (referred to in another article) and the discussion of numerous motions and interpellations.
Consult for foreigners only in the Commission
City Council of Bra divided not on merit but in form, in relation to the constitution in the city of a council of foreign citizens. According to the group leader of "La città di tutti", Giovanni Cravero, the "Braidese population grows thanks to the presence of foreigners. Integration is still far away, not possible through forced cohabitation that can provoke a radicalization of identities. We must take a step forward. Immigrants must be included with the tools of political democracy ". Disagree the leader of Progetto Bra, Piero Degetto. According to the councilor, the "motion is only partially acceptable. The acceptance of legality is a concept expressed in the program of Mayor Scimone. The question must be discussed in the Statute and Regulation Commission: presented now it has electoral objectives. We share the purpose but not the political form of presentation ". The opinion of the Margherita group leader, Giovanni Fogliato, is different, according to which “the municipal statute already provides for this consultation. We just want to see that it is set up ". In the end, motion rejected but I invite the president of the municipal council, Gian Massimo Vuerich, to summon the Commission as soon as possible.
The Council then approved an agenda for the new single Alba-Bra hospital in Verduno and the new regional socio-health plan. The directors unanimously considered it necessary for the public health of the area to move in an "integrated relationship between hospital services and local services", between "health services and social-assistance services", with a balance between the current hospital of Cuneo and the "territorial hospitals connected with the local health authorities", in addition to hoping for a reorganization of the health companies that maintain "a balanced relationship between the size and population of the different parts of the territory". The councilors then acknowledged "the great value of the Verduno hospital that rationalizes the response to the health needs of a large territory of the Province".
In the same way, a unanimous consent also to a motion on the problem of railway transport, during the discussion of which, the Councilor for Transport Roberto Russo, reiterated the support of the Municipality to the requests of commuters committees, involved by the Administration also in anticipation of a modification of the conurbation of road transport. Unanimous also the vote to recognize the specificity of the Enological school of Alba, for which the councilor Bruna Sibille (Ds) announced that, in his capacity as regional councilor, he will be interviewing today, 31 January 2006, with Giunta's colleague Taricco and Councilor Rabino with the head teacher "to verify some issues still open with the Piedmont Region".
Council that did not split even on the motion that had as its object the solidarity with the institutions for “the serious and unacceptable positions taken by the Iranian authorities towards the Italian people, reaffirming friendship and brotherhood towards the people and the authorities of the State of Israel but also towards the Iranian people oppressed by an Islamic fundamentalist regime ". Finally, after a careful filing of the text originally proposed, the motion that sees dangers in the possible modification of the Rognoni-La Torre law on the confiscation of assets to the mafia was also unanimously approved.

Driveways: do you pay or not?
The diatribe on the payment of driveway fees has returned to the Council. At the request of Councilor Giverso (Margherita) the Councilor for Finance, Claudio Lacertosa, again clarified the story. “For at least six or seven years there have been precise Tosap tariffs and the offices, if they had not made the authorized passers pay for the driveway, would have escaped their duties. It is not a political issue, so much so that I learned from the Municipal Police Command that many citizens are regularizing their position, otherwise they would pay the fine, as provided for by the Highway Code "- concluded Councilor Lacertosa.
Criticism of the councilor Eugenio Jona (The city of all) concerning the thinning of the trees along the hill that houses the Zizzola: "The symbolic monument of our city for decades has a crown of plants and has been truly raped", while differently notice the councilor for public works, Gianfranco Dallorto, according to which the “wood should be cultivated. It was thought to do a nice cleaning around the Zizzola without any kind of cost. The State Forestry Corps advised what to do and which plants to break down. "
Some questions have also concerned questions related to the waste collection system. If Giovanni Marco Gallo, the Councilor for the Environment, pointed out that cleaning mechanically is made difficult by those who disregard the parking ban, a pragmatic solution has been found to prevent pedestrians who they travel via Rambaudi on Thursday they find the narrow sidewalk cluttered by the bags of the collection "door to door". "We will invite the residents to place the bags after the planters and not along the sidewalk" - said the commissioner Gallo. By raising the question of the dangerousness of the Casa del Bosco road bike path, and considering it necessary to change its position, Councilor Giverso heard from the Councilor for Traffic in Russia that “the runway was painted with a red color and the necessary signage ”, while Russo himself replied to the group leader of Commitment for Bra, Giuseppe Bonetto, on the questions of the failure to stop the urban bus on the Biola road and on the absence of an ADSL connection in the Bandito fraction. On the situation of the bus, Russo reported that the stop is not possible to allow him to work safely at the construction of the Bandito roundabout and Giunta's colleague Dallorto said that a meeting will be held soon to see how to relocate the stop, with Bonetto's objection to the fact that "the bus passes and does not stop, I did not ask for the Eurostar to stop. Even on the roundabout there are things that don't go, since the trucks pass three meters out of the asphalt ”. On the lack of ADSL connection, Russo reported that a specific request will be made for the fraction even if "it is the Telecom that verifies the areas where to bring the service, since this is not a national service". Councilor Bonetto (Commitment to Bra) said he committed himself to finding a solution to the issue.

Mosque in via Cuneo? The legal opinion is awaited
Once you have the availability of parking lots, is it possible for a Muslim association to set up a meeting center in via Cuneo? This is the question that Councilor Massimo Borrelli (Ds) asked the vice mayor Comoglio, in his capacity as councilor for urban planning. "The Al Salam association presented its legal counter-arguments to 11 last January. We can not say anything until we also have the opinion of our lawyer, who was given all the documentation ", while Mayor Scimone recalled how it is right that the association can have a meeting place but in compliance with urban planning regulations . "If other obstacles were to arise, we must commit ourselves to finding a different solution than the one we are studying" - said the first citizen.
Responding to a question by minority groups, the Councilor for Sport, Gian Carlo Balestra, instead reconstructed the story of the failure to pass the Olympic torch to Bra. "It was a Toroc decision to agree with the sponsors. No municipality has asked questions or solicited the passage. On February 1st, at 16, the Olympic fire will pass though. " In the same way the Councilor for Russian Traffic responded to Councilor Giverso (Margherita) on the traffic dividers in front of the station: "The containers have been reduced and the bushes pruned. When the works of the movement center are completed, the entire area of ​​the station will be redesigned and revised ", while the councilor Giverso (Margherita) was reassured by the public works councilor Dallorto on the interest in the arrangement of the road surface in Bria street.

Members of the Electoral Commission appointed
The Braid Council has elected the four effective members and the same alternate members of the Municipal Electoral Commission. It will include Marcello Lusso (Bra Project), Anna Messa (Forza Italia), Massimo Borrelli (Ds) and Pio Giverso (La Margherita). Substitute members are Piero Degetto (Progetto Bra), Sergio Panero (Insieme per Scimone), Eugenio Jona (La città di tutti) and Giuseppe Bonetto (Commitment to Bra).
The assembly then gave the final green light to the acoustic zoning of the territory, the provision which, as explained by the deputy mayor Comoglio, "divides the territory into acoustically homogeneous areas", as well as allowing the variation of two agreed building plans. The first in via Visconti Venosta, in the Bandito district, of a residential nature; the second in the street Falchetto for industrial settlements.
Some tax regulations have also been modified: for the waste tax there is a greater reduction for the elderly who live alone; for the ICI a reduced rate for buildings in which the tax payer is a body participated by the Municipality; for the tax on the occupation of public land, the possibility for the council to exempt non-commercial entities or district and neighborhood committees for temporary occupations during events in which the municipality is co-organizer or has recognized its patronage. (Rg)