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"With the two resolutions we will vote tonight, we find a solution to what has been wrong in the past, with an improvement in the services offered by Bra's Brain Clinic on the territory." This is the synthesis of Deputy Mayor of Bra, Giovanni Comoglio, at the end of the long debate last night on Monday 30 January 2006 at the City Council, about the urban planning situation of the Montenero street clinic. Two measures for the attention of the assembly: the possibility of regularizing volumes built in the past and not correctly counting and a derogation from the current regulatory plan that would allow an extension of the nursing home. In his introductory report, the vice mayor, as delegate to Urban Planning of the Giunta Scimone, reconstructed the story of the story beginning in the early 1990s. "There has been a substantial discrepancy between the 1992 and 1999 situation (for issues related to structure volumes, ndr) and our lawyer has highlighted how we can not undo the measure but it is possible to resort to the institute of the sanatorium, recognizing the public's interest in the construction. Public interest that can be attributed to the activities carried out on behalf of the national health service, fulfilling a task of the public administration: the protection of health, "said Comoglio.
First criticized by the counselor Pio Giverso (La Margherita): "The reality is different. There is the political will to close the affair with the payment of about 80.000 euros for an illegal construction. Instead, I propose to introduce a variant on the regulatory plan that would also correct the topography of the site (according to the current plan the structure is in an area with a cubic index, given as necessary to determine as much as possible to build in relation to available surfaces, from flat and non-hilly area, ndr) ". More articulate the findings of the left-wing Democrat leader Claudio Gallizio: "The minority's attention has led to irregularities, discovering that the clinic was 21.000 cubic meters in the 1992, 15.000 in the 1999 and 28.000 in the 2005. From office audits, it was then discovered that the existing cubicle is 31.000 and not 28.000 cubic meters. It was then discovered that there were ongoing work, only partially declared, so much so that an order was needed to suspend them because they were abusive. It would appear, however, that the only badge was committed by the Commune, when instead of declaring the fake were the legal representative of the clinic and the professional who signed the projects. It is true that the derogation responds to a public interest but the real problem is quantitative, ie whether the granted derogation is consistent with the public interest: available to evaluate a more modest intervention. If these votes were to be voted, the cubicle would be 35.000 cubic meters, four times that allowed in a hilly area. "
Paola Bruno (Project Bra) has highlighted how the story stems from "an improper interpretation of the technical volume count", for the head of "Set for Scimon" Sergio Panero "politics has been dragged into a disgusting ballet of responsibility" while for Forza Italy's leader, Adriano Maccagno, "no building abuse has been committed and the clinic is a precious thing, we do not demonize it with contemptuous and cynical tones." Leader of the League, Valter Bergesio, flagged the opposition as "the party of the do not", while Giuseppe Rosciano (United's parent for Bra) highlighted that, passing through the revision of the regulatory plan, "the clinic would lose some years and we, some years of service. " I disagree with Bruna Sibille (Ds), who recalled that "party of doing does not mean party of the wise. A serious irregularity was committed and the clinic declared the fake. The same clinic, in repair, said he wanted to take care of the construction of a roundabout and the parking of Spreitenbach Square parking lots. Do more: summarize your dismissed employee, sick with cancer and with children, for overcoming the days of illness. The costs incurred will improve Piroletto's path, damaged in recent years by the clinic's work ", while Margherita's parent, Giovanni Fogliato, pointed out that" if it had not been withdrawn last September, we would have voted a resolution on bases turned out to be wrong. " To defend the solution of the sanatorium, also the chairman of the municipal council, Gian Massimo Vuerich (Forza Italia), who recalled that "structure is a pride of pride for our city. Counselor Gallizio was a careful and punctual researcher of irregularities committed in the past. How built and how much it will build is compatible with the underlying ground and there is no economic loss for the City. " Voting on the regularization of the past has voted for the majority advocating the Jury Squad (Project Bra, Forza Italia, Together for Scimon, United for Bra, North League) and against the opposition forces (Ds, Margherita and the lists Civic The City Of All And Commitment to Bra). On the derogation to the Enlargement Regulatory Plan, minority groups did not participate in the vote. (Rg)