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"If I am here tonight to tell my story many years ago, I have to go to Louis and Maria Oberto, who were recognized by Israel as" Righteous Among the Nations ". It is the most moving passage of Bianca Hessel Schlesinger, a Croatian Jew who escaped the lager, present at Bra's "Giovanni Arpino" Multifunctional Center, last Friday, 27 January 2006, on the Day of Memory. White Hessel Shlesing, author of the book "With the Wolves Behind", drew the toughest time of his life, nearly two years spent hiding at the Oberto family because of racial persecution perpetrated by Nazism. In the room were present some members of the Oberto family, native of Borgata Rossi, a fraction of Rivalta of La Morra, visibly excited to review Bianca Hessel on stage to remember but also to thank them for the enormous courage they have shown. The evening started with the intervention of Claudio Lacertosa, mayor delegate for relations with combat associations and weapons, who stressed the enthusiasm demonstrated by school children's schools in meetings with Bianca Hessel, as proof of the strong involvement of young braids for the Shoah themes. Shortly thereafter, the representative of the braid fighters Domenico Asselle spoke of the importance of these initiatives and the availability of the "City Committee" for the 27 values ​​of January and April 25 for future and even more intense collaborations with the municipal administration. At the end of the speech, Mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone presented the next initiatives for 27 January: "Next year will be banned a contest - which will be attended by the students of the institutes of the city - which provides for the possibility of contributing to the allocation of reward for best work on the Shoah theme. The works of these students will be judged by experts nominated by a committee set up specifically by Bra Council, "reiterated the first citizen," involving teachers who for years have been involved in the organizational moment of the Day of Memory. The competition, titled "School and Shoah: a path to the defense of the memory culture", will be banned annually from 2007 and will allow winners, students of the institutes of every rank and grade, to win the " City of Bra, January 27 ". At the end of this talk, Margarethe von Trotta's "Rosenstrasse" film was screened, inspired by the historical story that had actually happened in Nazi Germany, which saw thousands of Aryan women standing day and night in front of a Berlin-based Rosenstrasse building where they were imprisoned by Jewish husbands, waiting to be deported to the camps of extermination. (Va)