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Ex- "Giancattivo", cabaret actor, stage and screen, with irony and sagacious versatility, Alessandro Benvenuti will star, along with Gianni Pellegrino, the next show of prose at the Teatro Politeama in Bra. On stage Bra, Sunday February 12 2006 to 21, "Like two drops of water", a play developed by actor and Tuscan director with dramaturgical collaboration of Ugo Chiti, with original music by Patrizio Fariselli and the lights of Mauritius Viani. Two "water drops" is the story of Saraceno, machinist and Fausto, theatrical electrician, which fit in the scene of an edition of "Waiting for Godot" discover a little bit at a time between fights, bickering and silences or they, so different in appearance, they have something in common that makes them similar, just like "two drops of water." Dramatic swirling between the tragic and the comic, never falling into the grotesque, "Like Two Drops of Water" is a work that involves the spectator alternating moments of satire to the suspense. Alessandro Benvenuti, with his latest show, reconfirms its ironic steeped in bitter reflections, his comic skills that leads to consideration using the tragicomic aspects of existence. (Va)