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27 January, Memory Day. The day that remembers the opening of the Auschwitz gates and the horror of the Shoah began this morning, 27 January 2006, in the council hall of the civic palace in Bra, with the testimony of Bianca Hessel Schlesinger, a Jewish Jew escaped to the lager. Adopted by the first citizen Camillo Scimone and the members of the executives of the treble, Bianca Hessel recalled his story started in the 1941 when his family, fleeing the Nazis, had to leave Yugoslavia. "As a civilian war interned we found shelter right in this city," recalled the Hessel "to Bra's family, six people plus her grandmother, aunt and cousin, lived until the 8 September '43." From that moment until liberation, the racial persecution forced us to take refuge in Borgata Rossi of the village of Rivalta, at the home of the Oberto family. There we remained in hiding for almost two years, the danger was always present but Luigi Oberto, unfortunately now deceased, and his wife Maria did not hesitate to put in motion a mechanism to defend people who undergo a huge injustice. For this action, they have been declared by the State of Israel "Righteous Among the Nations", recognition granted for the generosity of their gesture. " He emphasized the first citizen Camillo Scimone in his speech: "White Hessel has been saved from racial persecution with the help of the brave Oberto family. He was able to see firsthand that there is an ethical dimension that transcends all forms of reasoning or fear in which people live to help the next in difficulty is an automatic act. These people act because in their code of ethics there is no conceivable lack of solidarity. " Bianca Schlesinger's story is narrated in her book, "With the Wolves Behind," published in the Olokaustos bookstore. (Va)