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It will be the engineer Fabrizio Saglietto of Cuneo, who had already been involved in the various stages of implementation of the previous interventions, to design the refurbishment works of the Bra's purification plant in the La Bassa area. To establish it, the City Council of the City of Zizzola, which in the last session approved the assignment and committed the one million euro funding provided for the intervention, of which 700.000 was obtained thanks to a regional contribution. The professional will have to conclude the final design work by March 31 next March, as requested by the Piedmont Region for granting co-financing to the works. In the same session, the Municipal Council entrusted the Municipal Public Works Department engineers with the design assignment for ordinary maintenance works on buildings owned by the municipal administration, allocating 47.000 euros for school buildings and an equal amount for others properties. (Rg)