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We inform the population that on Friday 4 November 2005 all computer branches of the Hospital Headquarters and ASL 18 Alba-Bra districts will be closed due to the replacement of central electronic computers.
In practice, we will not be able to go to our counters to carry out reservation, payment, choice and withdrawal of the free choice of the basic practitioner and pediatrician, as well as common administrative activities. Obviously, emergencies will be guaranteed, both in emergency response and analysis laboratories, as well as normal planned health activities. Radiological services and pathological anatomy will continue to undergo examinations and so do the hospital and territorial outpatient clinics.
Central office offices will not be able to carry out normal activities related to computer procedures.
It is recalled that during the day of Friday the computer migration activities between the old and the new computer will end and that the work on Saturday November 5 will normally be resumed, minimizing the disruption to the population.