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It was inaugurated on Saturday 22 October 2005 the new Bra City Old Town Center. The new structure of Via Montegrappa received official baptism at the end of a mass and a ceremony in the presence of numerous authorities and about two hundred and fifty interveners. Among them were Bra's mayor, Camillo Scimone, who recalled how the work was planned by the previous administration and continued from the one he presided over. "One of the features of our city is to never let our attention be paid to promotion and animation in favor of the elderly," said Scimone, continuing: "Bra is a city to live because it is a vibrant city, lively in its cultural and recreational expressions, positive and attentive to those who are ahead in the years. " In addition to the first citizen, the stage was alternated by the councilor of Public Works of the Piedmont Region, Bruna Sibille, the Councilor of the Province of Cuneo, Giuseppe Rosciano, the regional councilor Franco Guida and the chairman of the Center's leadership, Giuseppe Leek. The latter has recalled that as of mid-September the Center's activities have been resumed in the new headquarters, more than the previous one in Audisio Street, with two billiards, a large space for card games and a salon that allows the organization of dancing moments and other initiatives. The new structure, inserted within the progressive recovery of the former Treviso Caserma in the city center, will also allow outdoor activities, with a large courtyard that can be used during the summer months. (Rg)