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Engineer Walter Peisino and geologist Sergio Rolfo, with a study in Cherasco and Bra, will be responsible for the geological, technical and geognostic relations of the "City of Bra" Care House. This is the decision of the Municipal Council of Bra, which authorized the City Municipal Department Manager to entrust the task to the two professionals who had submitted a report to the City Council recently to report in detail the modalities and characteristics of the studies for characterization of the area. After the presentation of a project for the expansion of the structures of the "City of Bra" Care House, the City Council considered these studies necessary to verify the safety and suitability of the area for the execution of the planned interventions, and to hire geological and geo-scientific information on the site on which the healthcare complex rises.
Urban planning should be submitted to the City Council's examination, supplemented with the technical documentation required by the two professionals, which must be submitted to the competent Urban Planning Committee. "This is a choice that has emerged in the Urban Planning Commission, a useful step to be complete and well-founded in the procedure for extending this important healthcare facility," said Deputy Mayor of Bra, Giovanni Comoglio. (it goes)