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Honorary scientific director of the "Craveri" Civic Museum of Natural Sciences in Bra. This is the task that the city council of the city of Zizzola wanted to give to Father Ettore Molinaro, from the director of the historical museum 1971, after having recently retired. Father Ettore will thus continue to collaborate with the "Craveri", a structure in which he was one of the protagonists in the re-opening and preparation of the museum collections. A religious Capuchin and a priest, Father Ettore Molinaro contributed to the foundation of the Piedmontese Nature Association, of the Friends of Museums association, of the Friends of Music Association, and is a member of the 1979 editor of the "Piemontese Review of Natural History". Eminent figure of the city culture, he exercises his religious ministry in the church of Santa Chiara, in the church of San Giovanni Lontano and in the church of the Battuti Neri. (Rg)