The Civic Library will also be among the Bra stars of the "White Night", with its specific activity. This is what the "Courtyard of the Courtyard" event, which, on its 10th anniversary, offers a 30-hour uninterrupted tour of gastronomy, entertainment, culture and discovery, including a "white night "Between Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 2005. Bra's Library will organize two special initiatives for the occasion, the first one for children and young people, in collaboration with Coop Piemonte, called "Mediterranean Night, Pulcinella, History, Tastes", in three workshops for 17,30, 21 and 22, one hour each, where Pulcinella will accompany the children, between games and tastings, to discover the Mediterranean flavors, all immersed in the scenery created by the magical quests designed by Lele Luzzati. At 21, for adults, Pino Potenza will present its show "Conti e Contieri, Canti e Cantieri" from the Arlecchino Furious Orlando "which in four different moments offers the best poetic heritage of our Renaissance, to arrive at the Commedia dell art: the actor will be a narrator, a singer and character, according to needs and choices in which tradition and innovation blend in a work, the Shipyard, an opportunity to "experiment, build and re-acquire poetry."
The program of the Library is not the only cultural moment of the program: the two civic museums also offer nightlife dedicated to nightlife (the Museum of Natural History "Craveri") and the tradition of "masks" (reflections on the mythology of the witches of the centers Piedmontese at the Museum of Art and Archeology at Palazzo Traversa). The cinemas in the center, at the end of their normal programming, will open their projection doors that can tease fantasy for the eight-year-old lovers, as the Politeama Theater will stage a show in the middle of the night. (it goes)