Cuneo provincial engineers will design a major project for the enlargement of the Bra-Cherasco road, which is part of a more comprehensive road-repair of an area between the cities of Zizzola and Narzole. To decide this Wednesday 14 September 2005, a working table attended by the mayors of Bra, Camillo Scimone, and Cherasco, Pier Luigi Ghigo, and the Provincial Councilors for Public Works, Giovanni Negro, to the Territorial Planning, Enrico Bologna , and the Budget, Giuseppe Rosciano. Also present are the municipal councilors Russo, Dallorto, Balestra (Bra) and Bogetti (Cherasco), the provincial councilor Fiorenzo Prever, as well as a representation of entrepreneurs and residents in the area. "Enlargement of the road is a priority, both for road safety and safety," said the mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone, finding the Negro provincial councilor agreeing that extension and refurbishment of the rail underpass has been included in the three-year program of provincial public works for a million and a half euros. "It does not hide that the main concern is of an economic nature and we all have to spend it to get a wider contribution from the state for provincial roadways," he recalled, while the councilor Rosciano placed the problem below step: "We need to understand what the railroads want to do with the trunk that goes to Cherasco. Today, a single company is being served and it is necessary to understand what the intentions are before it is done. " If the assessor Bologna has highlighted the need to determine the priority of the intervention also in relation to the impact of the future highway Asti-Cuneo in the hamlet of Moglia di Cherasco, the provincial councilor Prever suggested that the intervention in a more complex drawing along the route along the Bra-Cherasco-Narzole axis. Engineer Scarzello, owner of a company along the roadway, however, has brought some alarming data, as Bra-Cherasco travels around one million vehicles per year, of which 30% of heavy traffic, with a 'seriously serious incidentality. "This is a problem with a wider scope than just local traffic," said Cherasco Mayor Ghigo, pointing out how the road links the Turin area with the Langhe, with tourist implications and a streamlining flows. At the end of the meeting, it was decided to ask the technical staff of the Province to draft a draft, cost-effective basis for cost estimates to be examined at a subsequent meeting, during which regional administrators and parliamentarians will also be involved. (Rg)