It is open reminding of the disappearance of Gina Lagorio, honorary and native citizen of the town of Zizzola, the Bra Council, which was held yesterday, 12 2005 on Monday XNUMX. "I was happy with Bra." The councilor for Cultural Resources Michelino Davico wanted to remember the writer who disappeared in the summer, using his words in a letter addressed to Giovanni Arpino, recalling her as "mature woman and a particular sensibility" . The leader of the leftist Democrats, Claudio Gallizio, also emphasized the experience of Honorary President of the Bra and Braidian Institute of History. Cheese or Cheese?

High tones since the beginning of the debate in the ranks, due to the involvement of the same members of the assembly for the event "Cheese - The forms of milk", which will open on Friday 16 September. "We will convene as soon as possible a meeting to involve as many people as possible for the success of the event," said Mayor Camillo Scimone, whose leader Ds Claudio Gallizio replied, pointing out that a Tourism Commission has never been convened on the subject, and Counselor Bruna Sibille (Ds) who said: "Such complex management can not be left in the hands of a few people. If you want collaboration, you should also pay attention to your relationship with the city. Towards the minority, it takes more respect. "
Sibille also recalled that, as regional councilor, he helped to increase the contribution granted by the Region of Piedmont to the event, "beyond the 60% more, when other events saw the contribution reduced. Collaboration is in fact, not in words, and it is not sought when the omelettes are made. " If the mayor Scimone anticipated that, even at official times, this intervention will be highlighted, the Cultural Resources Councilor Michelino Davico has pointed out that "for Cheese works very serenely and very seriously. Cheese is in the hands of dozens of people and highly efficient officials. All those who wanted to be involved were involved. "

Urns home

The City Council approved the amendment to the Municipal Mortuary Police Regulations that will allow relatives of the deceased to retreat and guard the urn urn. Deputy mayor Giovanni Comoglio has pointed out that the measure arises from the need to meet the demands of many people, although Jona (City of all) adviser has called for the need to maintain public control of the ashes target, norm inserted in the new draft regulation.
To clarify the affair, the chairman of the City Council, Gian Massimo Vuerich, for many years chairman of the consortium company dealing with the management of the waxing cremation plant. "The Piedmont Region has not yet decided anything about the scattering of the ashes," said Vuerich. "It is therefore necessary to put in place a form of control, even to guarantee the citizens who could commit a wrongdoing, failing to properly ashes". Deputy mayor Comoglio added that this is also a practice taken by all the other municipal administrations who have deliberated on the subject. The measure was approved with the sole abstention of the two councilors of "The City of All".

No machinery for the Bandito roundabout

So many questions the councilors addressed to the Junta. Negative answer to the counselor Bonetto (parent group Bra for Bra) who asked for the possibility of inserting, in the roundabout made in Bandito, an old machine used in the past in tanneries. The Public Works Councilor, Gianfranco Dallorto, explained that "the Junta has given a negative opinion to this proposal, although a draft of the second batch is being drafted, which will also include furniture inside the roundabout. I think it's better to include, with flowers or otherwise, the symbol of our city. " In the same question, Counselor Bonetto had highlighted the situation of high voltage cables near the same roundabout as "the wires are now supporting the poles rather than the vice versa". Councilor Dallorto said that the only possible solution is "to put the hand in hand and pay for the line interception, as Enel does not think it necessary for this intervention."
The councilor Pio Giverso (La Margherita) has, however, highlighted the situation of street residents Montelupa in the supply of drinking water. The Director of Concession Services, Giovanni Marco Gallo, explained that there are disparities in this area as some of the users are connected to the public network and others have been constituted in a consortium, paying a single bill and then dividing it among the adherents, but for this effect, the highest consumer charges are always applied.
"The solution," said Gallo, "will only happen with the dissolution of the consortium and the disposal of the facilities to public conduct, with the need for each user to install a counter at their own expense." On the request of San Giolitti's toilets, the councilor Dallorto said that three self-cleaning masonry baths were planned, "the intervention will be included in the next three-year program of public works." The Russian assessor reported on the situation of the sidewalks in via Cuneo, for which a local firm (the Montello company) had obtained the project costs.
I do not agree with the versions of the interviewee, Pio Giverso (Margherita), and the Municipal Police Commissioner, Gian Carlo Balestra, on Sunday's availability of the agents of the Braid command. "I phoned several times on a Sunday without getting a response," Giverso complained, and Balestra said, "every Sunday patrol agents can be reached by telephone from 8 to 19: 30, with only lunch breaks. The Administration can not cope with a twenty-four-hour availability. "
Claudio Gallizio (leader Ds) instead asked for information on the non-compensation of expropriated persons for the linkage with the West Tangenziale. The Finance Advisor, Claudio Lacertosa, reconstructed the history of the practice, claiming that the City paid out what it was to the company that carried out the work, with the burden also of managing the expropriation indemnities. "The company has been repeatedly urged to pay and, before we enter the lawsuit, we want to try to resolve the matter without opening a litigation," said Lacertosa. "Our commitment is to continue on this path." At the same time, Assessor Balestra said that it would be a matter for the municipal police to carry out inspections in Via Gianolio, where the question of counselor Cravero (head of the city of all) had highlighted night-time strikes when leaving a local one.

She is discussing the foreign door

Urged by a question submitted by the Councilors of Margherita Giovanni Fogliato and Pio Giverso, on the position of the Board on the alliance Al Elka, Mayor Scimone has stated that this is a tool envisaged within its Government program, in 'affirmation of the principle of' reception in law 'towards non-EU citizens.
"The Municipality has collaborated with the consortium Intesa (partner-assistance, ndr) in drafting the project, participating in making the premises available and paying the utilities, even though it has rejected the proposal of a 15.000 € cash loan to offset the minor transfer of the Province of Cuneo "- said the first citizen. These words have replied to Margherita Fogliato's parent company, who wondered if the consortium was intesa to say that the service could also be carried out with reduced funds, to which the Mayor stated that the Administration is willing to review its position if the starting amount is not sufficient.
This was also the case with Commissioner Michelino Davico who pointed out how the door had been activated due to an emergency, that of the 2003 sanction, and as such justifiable. "Nowadays, there are no sanatoriums but streams," said Davico. "I think if the emergency is no longer, the cost of the facility should be reduced if there are less interventions. My reflection arises from the consideration that, on the contrary, the commitment at the provincial level is rising and I think it is right that Bra may start a signal ".

Approve two budget changes

Failure to deliver some of the annexes to a deliberation in question, concerning a change in the budget adopted by the Council and postponed to the ratification of the Council, triggered the reaction of some directors. The National Alliance leader, Pier Giorgio Pirra, said that "we can not wait until the last moment to let us know what we will vote for. That is why I will not vote. " On the same line, the councilors of the minority who, by the mouth of John Fogliato, have stated the need for greater involvement and information of councilors. The document was approved only by Bra Project components, Forza Italia, North League, Together for Scimone and United for Bra present at the vote.
The Council then handed over the Municipal Regulations for urbanization works and charges, establishing the possibility of monetizing parking spaces directly from the offices up to the 12,5 square meter (equivalent to one parking place), while for larger quantities it is necessary to scrutinize the Urban Planning Commission. It was then amended a contracted construction plan that allowed the construction of a truck parking lot in Falchetto Road, "a useful tool as it is located outside the town and it does not disturb the peace, since truckers need to starting early in the morning and warming the engine of the vehicle, "said the parent company, Ds Gallizio. Then approved a project that will allow to get a parking space of about fifteen places to serve the sporting area of ​​via Rosselli.

Via Trento and Trieste: no to the counterfeits of Legambiente

The Council rejected Legambiente's contradictions on the construction of a new property in Trento and Trieste, currently occupied temporarily by a parking lot. "We ask that, before rejecting them, these contradictions are examined by a landscapist, for example the architect Matassi who is working on the drafting of the new regulatory plan," said the leftist Democrat Left Claudio Gallizio. responded the leader of An, Pier Giorgio Pirra, in his capacity as chairman of the Urban Planning Commission.
"The current regulatory plan does not provide for assessments of the environmental impact of construction. You could ask the applicant, who respected the rules, but it would not be right to create a precedent for this single case. Hence, even if only by a majority, the measure had been fired by the Urban Planning Commission, "said Pirra, to whom Paola Bruno (Project Bra) made it clear that" this is an act of fairness for all those who have such an intervention was required. " The measure was approved with the abstention of Margherita and Together for Bra and the vice versa of the Ds and The City of All. (Rg)