The City Council of Bra has renewed its duties for the management of municipal sports facilities, continuing to cooperate with the various city amateur societies. The sports field of Madonna Fiori will be managed by AC Bra, Crocera Burdina by Sport Union Pollenzo, while the structure of Via Ballerini will continue to occupy Sportgente, a company also authorized to carry out some improvement and enlargement of the plant. The Treble Hockey Committee will handle the management of the synthetic grass sports facilities of the Madonna dei Fiori Italian Blue Atletic Park, while Uisp Bra, the local seat of the Italian Sports Union for all, will manage the municipal gyms of Via Mercatini , Via Vittorio Emanuele, Via Barbacana and via Brizio, as well as those of the "Guala" Institute and the "Mucci" Institute, at times when they are not available for elementary and middle schools in the city center. At the same time as the assignment of assignments, the Junta also approved the relevant conventions, which stipulate the terms of the agreement between the Municipality and sports companies. (Rg)