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It opens up to the needs of the new braids the offer of the library of the Bra's civic library. The School of Peace, as part of a long-standing commitment to multicultural hospitality, has decided to subscribe to four foreign-language newspapers in order to enable residents of Bra to provide direct and effective information, consultation is possible at the reading room on the first floor of the Guala Library. The newspapers are "Nouvelles Africa", monthly in French for Africans in Italy, "Al Maghrebiya", monthly in Arabic, "Albanian World" in Albanian and "Gazeta Romaneasca" weekly in Romanian. The initiative starts from the view that publications play an essential role for foreign communities, as they report to those who are far from home about their country of origin, address the specific needs and interests of communities (parties, recurrences, cults, associations and so on), providing an indispensable guide in the interpretation of immigration laws. (Rg)