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In the past few weeks, a nice encounter with the Brain's Asylum nursery among the children who attend the last year (division section) and their grandparents. With the grandchildren a snack was organized and the kids visited their grandparents where they usually play, eat and make their way into the street of Caduti del Lavoro. Before leaving the nest, grandparents and grandchildren painted their hands with tempera, leaving their imprint on a large sheet with the inscription "Dear Grandparents, I leave the imprints of my hands beside yours, always in action and ready to give me protection. " This is a moment that is repeated, given that for three years now the educational project of the Axis nursery braidese provides a festival devoted solely to grandparents, with the aim of highlighting the importance these figures have in the growth of each child . For grandparents, who often have the task of leading or taking their grandchildren from the Nest, was also an opportunity to receive a thank you for their precious task. Then, for those who live far away and have no way of knowing the kindergarten frequented by their grandchildren, the party is served to meet people who daily deal with the welfare of their children. (Rg)