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Sitting the river yesterday, Tuesday 24 May 2005, of the City Council of Bra. Apertures in the early afternoon, the session lasted over seven hours, during which were approved some important decisions on urban planning of the corner between Via Alba and Via Adua, as well as to discuss the rescue operation in progress for the airport by Cuneo Levaldigi. At the opening of the work, Mayor Scimone has been doing the public life events of the past two months, wishing a good job for the new Regional Advisor to the Mountain and Public Works, Bruna Sibille, who is present in the classroom as a councilor of the town of Zizzola .
The same Bruna Sibille wanted to anticipate how "reluctantly, in the coming months, I will abandon the municipal council (to succeed them will be the first of the unelected in the list Ds, Domenico Grillo, ndr) for incompatibility of time type. The job I have taken in Turin is in fact very expensive but will not fail to be present in the city at significant moments, so I will not miss my cooperation for issues that go beyond the logic of belonging "- said the councilor Sibille. He added: "There are two things that I particularly care about and that will involve the Region alongside local authorities: the realization of the new Verduno hospital and the realization of the Asti-Cuneo, for which I have proposed the establishment of a monitoring committee to verify the timing of implementation. Other themes we will have to see together will be those related to the elimination of the level change, with the Region being able to provide support: President Bresso has already examined the project "- Sibille concluded, before leaving for Turin to return session of the Regional Council being held at Palazzo Lascaris.
In his communications, the first citizen Camillo Scimone then gave news of the people nominated to represent the municipal administration in different bodies and bodies. Adriano Maccagno and Roberta Rizzo will represent the municipality in the board of directors of San Michele-Pocapaglia consortium (aqueduct management), Stevan and Palladino in the organizing committee of Bra-Bra (great cycling fund), Paolo Bulgarini, Marisa Quaglia and Marco Bossolasco at the Gandino Institute (Musical School), while Anna Messa (Forza Italia, Delegate Adviser for Social Assistance) will be part of the consortium for the family of the Intesa Social Care Consortium. Yes to the rescue of Levaldigi

Although with great respect and with the abolition of the North League, the Bra Council has said yes to the rescue operation at the Levaldigi Olympic Airport. The Treble City Administration enters the new capital with a 46.675 € expense, representing 3% of the share capital, also in relation to "the meeting that took place in Fossano last few days among the seven major municipalities of the province, which have studied how to save the Geac (Cuneo Management Company, ndr) from bankruptcy, with a project carried out by all local and institutional bodies involved, "said Mayor Scimone. "The most urgent issue," said the first citizen, "is to avoid bringing the books to court, given that the Piedmont Region has indicated the opportunity to create a single structure that operates the airports of Levaldigi and Caselle , in order to reverse the economic trend and make Levaldigi become the second Caselle runway. Maybe implementing the traffic with night flights, charter flights or as a usable track when Turin is foggy. "
"We are thirty years old that we believe in this airport without the problems ever being changed," said Councilor Valter Bergesio (parent company of the Northern League), followed by Giovanni Fogliato (head of La Margherita), according to which " the intervention of the Commune is a contribution, a gift, to an economic institution in our province that we are sorry to lose because it has its value and could have prospects ", and Adriano Maccagno (Forza Italia) who stressed that" the airport is a public utility and we now give money as an act of faith in a structure that could be strategic for the development of our province, with the goal of creating an integrated regional airport system. "
For Claudio Gallizio (left-wing Democratic leader) "the bankruptcy of the airport would be a disadvantage because a modern and recently restructured structure would be wasted, although an industrial plan is needed to make Levaldigi the second Piedmont airport", while Pier Giorgio Pirra (head of the National Alliance) recalled that "the projects underlying this resolution are not there and today we are going to settle debts for not bringing the books to the Tribunal today but in three months." In the afternoon the City Council had approved the budget change to find the funds needed for the intervention.

First free way to the palace of via Alba

"It's a big deal that comes from the instance presented by individuals in 2002." Thus, the Deputy Mayor Giovanni Comoglio began his presentation of the approval of the preliminary plan of the detailed plan for the creation of a new building in via Alba, at the corner with Via Adua. The palace, which will insist on an area of ​​1032 square meters, will consist of five floors above ground and a basement, with a predominantly residential destination, the construction of a public parking lot with access from via Adua and other outside car parks along the same way. "It is a project strictly compliant with the regulatory plan" - he then concluded Comoglio himself.
"The five thousand meters of intervention result from a change of use from residential to residential," recalled Claudio Gallizio, head of the department, "The proposed realization has a significant environmental impact that could be reduced if the instrument was used of the retraining plan rather than that of the detailed plan, also to ensure the continuation of the curtain of homes that extend to XX Settembre square. Urbanism is also part of the city's history and should be respected. " I do not agree with Pier Giorgio Pirra (parent company An and chairman of the Urban Planning Commission) that "the project is perfectly in line with the parameters of the norm and if we do not realize a continuity of the buildings, we can not only fossilize history".
The interventions wanted to replicate the vice mayor Comoglio, highlighting how "the original building volume (5560 mc.) Was higher than what would be realized today (4635 mc.). This evening, it is necessary to approve the only preliminary draft that will be published: it will be the place to suggest different evaluations. " The project was approved with the votes of the Bra Project, Forza Italia, An, Set for Scimon, North League, United for Bra, and the opposite vote of Ds, Margherita, The City of All, Commitment to Bra.

No to the law that equates repubblichini and belligerents

It was approved by the vote of the National Alliance and the abstention of the North League a motion of censorship to the bill in question in Parliament to equate the military of the Italian Social Republic to the belligerents of World War II. "We want to give today a sign of sharing values ​​that are the basis of the honor of this Italy," he assessed Advisor Pio Giverso (Margherita), pointing out that "when our speech must be clear and strong, it must also be the our vote ".
"You do not have to twist the story. Young people need not forget their origins, "said Claudio Gallizio (leader Ds), not meeting Pier Giorgio Pirra's (parent company) affirmation that" the bill concerns not so much survivors but heirs and family. Already in 1954, the supreme military tribunal has spoken in favor of the equalization of all fighters. " I did not accept a proposal by Valter Bergesio (North Legislative Party) that "with Rsi there were also people who thought to do the good of Italy", while the evaluation of Forza Italia's group, by the mouth of its parent Adriano Maccagno, is that "the bill could fade away the role of Resistance, not contributing to perpetuating on the political level the differences between those who are fighting for the national rebirth".

Wastes and movement move the queries

Both subject matter of two questions, the work of building a move in Rome square and the new waste collection system with the "door-to-door" method involved the session of the City Council of Braids. On the subject of the interchange point between different modes of transport (rubber / rail, individual / collective), the councilor Roberto Russo recalled how the work is underway and a variation was required for the static consolidation of the building. "These costs are higher for 150.000 €, which will not entail increased spending for the municipal administration, as they will be recovered in the auction bid auction," said the delegate to the Transport, recalling how the building today hosts the gym in via Vittorio Veneto will be vacated by the summer to be demolished, giving the possibility of completing the jobs, although for the parent company of An, Pier Giorgio Pirra, a need is also to better illuminate the area between the two bars that face the station square, for reasons of public order and hygiene, after the inability to use the toilet at the train station. This is a proposal that has agreed with councilor and counselor.
On the issue of the new waste collection, the council minority groups urged the Civic Administration to make corrections both in the positioning of bins and waste bags along the streets ("could become architectural barriers") and in the need to check the feasibility of a nightclub, to increase the number of operators present on the means and the extent of collection of the putresible fraction of waste throughout the municipal territory. The Environment Commissioner Giovanni Marco Gallo replied to the different points, recalling how it is possible to make changes to the specifications, even though it should be remembered that these should have economic compatibility. "For example, we calculated that a night-time collection would cost more than a third," said Gallo, adding: "Any change in the service would ultimately change the economic picture of it. It is my intention to meet the district committees to verify the overall tenacity of the project and to study any changes. We are, however, already meeting the demands of the Three Fractional Committee, "and finally explaining how the exhibition along the pavement sidewalks is the only possible way of doing the" door to door ".

The jury will evaluate the urns

"The Jury will assess any claims to bring the ashes of the dead if required. In the absence of clear national and regional legislation, we think it appropriate to overlook before changing the mortuary police regulation. " These are the indications of Deputy Mayor Giovanni Comoglio in answering a question by the chairman of the municipal council, Gian Massimo Vuerich (Forza Italia), on requesting to rule a possibility provided by law from 2001.
Councilor for Cultural Resources Michelino Davico instead answered a question presented by the Margherita Councilors on the possibility of a change in the timetable for access to the Civic Library. "The problem is related to the availability of staff. It may be feasible to extend the opening hours to lunch break and Saturday morning. This is linked to two projects for volunteering, with volunteer civil servants and retired workers who would collaborate in the "Nati to Read" project. In addition, there is the idea of ​​linking the historical archive to the Civic Library, currently under revision. If he goes to port, he will be able to create a "library building", also having a librarian-archivist. " On this point, the suggestion of Margherita's parent, Giovanni Fogliato, was to "consider more closely the extension of time between the 18: 30 and 19: 30, and also meet with those who do not work at Bra who might attend the Library with the Children ". Mayor Scimone then assured the involvement of the board members in the formation of the partner-assistance plan (currently under the auspices of the inter-municipal consortium Intesa), referring to the works of the group leaders or the social service commission. The Council then deliberated on the recovery of a building between Via Craveri and Via Provvidenza and approved the program resolution of the Municipal Emergency Plan. Finally, the first two changes to the 2005 Budget of the Board have been ratified and the acoustic zoning plan amended, with the aim of ending a litigation that contrasts the municipal administration with a small town. (Rg)