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Bra's "Night of the Museums" was a real success. Included in the thousands of activities offered by the 2005 edition of the "Children's Book Salon", more than 200 people participated in the activities offered by the two civic museums, the "Craveri" of natural history and "Palazzo Traversa" for art and archeology , and from the Municipal Library from 19: 30 until midnight on Saturday 21 May. After traveling between history, traditions, fantasy and taste pleasures with the "Mediterranean Night". Pulcinella's History and Tastes "proposed by the Library at the Market Square of Piazza Xx Settembre and the journey back in time on the tables of ancient Rome, with dinner, prepared in Palazzo Traversa by the team of the Municipal School Mensa, the last stage is is consumed at the Craveri Museum, where a virtual visit to the planetarium was held at the Ecology Laboratory. In the courtyard, despite the overcast sky, the Astrophilous Group of Asti then led visitors to observe the Moon and Jupiter with the telescope. Finally, as soon as the darkness descended, Professor Mimmo Ferro (ornithologist) described the life of nightlife, having to repeat twice because of the public influx, helped by the rumors of animals spread in the garden and the large-scale projection of their figures directly on the facade of the Museum.