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It will take place Saturday, 28 May 2005 at 21, at Teatro Politeama, the inauguration concert of the brass band and wind band of the Civic Institute Musical "Adolfo Gandino" by Bra.
The professor Alessandro Caruana will be on stage for the brass quintet, with students Luca Tagliapietra and Giacomo Sacco who will be appreciated with the virtuosity of the trumpet and Professor Marco Tosello, with the students Marco Gallo and Giovanni Mollo who will perform at the horn , and also Marco Bossolasco who will be engaged in the bass tubing. During the evening, you will appreciate a valuable repertoire that will be spaced between the melodies of T. Susato, with the pieces "Suite in F major", "Ronde", "Bransle", "Pavane" by E. Gifford with "Smoke- rings, and also E. Hawkins with "Tuxedo Junection".
The Wind Orchestra will perform J.Curnow's pieces with "Fanfare and Flourishes" by A. Waignein with "Festival Suite" and "Air for Winds" by J. De Haan with "Dakota" and "Concert of Love" , by E. Morricone with "The Mission".
The band, which will perform on Saturday evening in concert, directed by master Giuseppe Allione, was formed with the aim of enhancing the activities of the students of wind instruments and percussion recorded at the Musical Institute, with the aim of giving them greater experience and musical maturity.
The entrance to the concert is free. (Va)