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The students of the University of Turin will most likely have the opportunity to attend an internship at Bra's Archives. The indication emerged following the visit by the students of the School of Archives annexed to the State Archives of the subalpine capital, who have deepened the knowledge on the work of recovery, inventory and reorder that Dr Wanda Gallo and Roberta Audenino are performing at the municipal treasure archive. The two archivists have developed an educational module that will become part of the material available to the students of the only Piedmontese institution to qualify the future reorganizators and archivists of the region, due to the peculiarity and interest of the work done and put highlighted during the visit of the Braids. It was also appreciated that the lesson, which took place in the medieval Palazzo Traversa rooms, was able to match the two different aspects of archival work within a municipal administration, that is, the historical archive activities and the current archive, as highlighted by the service manager in the City of Bra, Gioacchino Mauro. At the meeting of Palazzo Traversa there was also an archive of the municipality of Paris in Italy for an exchange of experiences with colleagues of the State Archives of Turin. (Rg)