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The "Summer Boys" operation, Bra Centers for primary and infant school students open during the beautiful season, are restored to Bra. The initiative will involve elementary boys from June 15 to 29 July 2005 at "Moscow" School in via Montegrappa, while maternal babies will follow activities in Hospital Hospitality from 4 to 29 July. The summer centers will remain open from 7: 30 to 18: 30 from Monday to Friday, and you can sign up from 17 to 27 next May by filling out the distribution module at the School School Office (via Barbacana 6, close-up - Monday on Friday 8: 30-12: 30 and Monday to Thursday 15-16 - 0172.438336 phone) until the available seats are exhausted. Residents of Bra will be registered only after paying the 34,39 € membership fee to the Municipal Finance Bureau, while non-residents (whose share is 37,53 €) will receive confirmation of registration only after the 27 May, verifying the availability of free seats. In both cases, the cost of the service will vary depending on the days of actual presence in the facility, based on a daily quota of 6,63 € with refresh (or 4,94 € without) for residents of Bra and 10,65 € with refusal (or 8,81 € without) for non-residents. The balance of what is due will come to an end within the 30 next September. In any case, it will not be accepted the inscription of those who are abusive to the municipal administration for failing to pay for school services. (Rg)