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"Between Speaking Clouds and Animated Drawings". This is the title of the show dedicated to the cartoon world that will develop during the five days of the "Children's Book Salon" by Bra, the scheduled show in Cuneo from 18 to 22 May 2005. The space, which will be set up inside the church of San Rocco in Via Cavour, will host the original tables of many designers and screenwriters who will be present at the "Salone" labs.
They will be Bra Silver (creator of Lupo Alberto), Silvio Arlenghi (Disney animator), Giorgio Figus (Topolino writer), Sergio Giardo (Bonelli editing designer), Cinzia Ghigliano (illustrator - comic book designer), Piero Lusso writer of Lupo Alberto and Cattivik), Marco Martis (illustrator), Davide Mosca (comic book designer and animator at Lastrego and Testa), Paolo Mottura (Mickey Mouse Designer and author of "Les Humanoides Associés"), Federica Nuccio (Screenwriter of Topolino), Giorgio Sommacal (creator of Cattivik), Andrea Valente (l author of La Pecora Nera), Sergio Zaniboni (Diabolik designer), Paolo Zaniboni (Steam Rail designer, published on Il Giornalino) and Marco Zanoni (Disney animator). The exhibition "Between Talking Clouds and Animated Drawings" will remain open from 18 to 29 May 2005 on 9 time: 30-12: 30 and 14-18: 30 with free entry. 9: 30-12: 30 and 14-18: 30 with Free Entry. At the same time, the "Children's Book Salon" will give space to a comic book competition entitled "An Adventure to Bra", where young non-professionals who cultivate passion for comics will be able to vent their creativity by imagining, writing and drawing a short story in the most diverse genres (humorous, horror, fantasy or whatever the imagination suggests) that is set in the town of Bra. The best work will be presented at an exhibition exhibited at the 2006 edition of the Salon. of the competition and the modalities of participation may be requested at the Tourism and Manifesto Office of the City of Bra in Via Moffa of Lisio 14 (0172.430185 telephone - fax 0172.418601 - e-mail Finally, the world of the cartoon will be the protagonist at the "Salone" also on the last day of the event, Sunday 22 May, with a large market show, unique to fans of the genre, which will remain open Mon go all day in the pavilions of the covered Market of XX Settembre square. (Rg)