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The 2004-2005 School of Peace activity has come to its last meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 18 May at 21, at the Auditorium of the Cultural Center "G. Arpino", via E. Guala 45, with the title: "World Maps, Latin America" ​​with rapporteur Gianni Minà (journalist, director of the Latin American magazine and all the South of the World) will present his latest book "The desperate continent has reappeared."
The evening is organized in collaboration with the City of Cuneo and the Cuneo National Association-Cuba Association: This last meeting, included in the Map of the World Map, will be an opportunity to understand and know more deeply Latin America. A trip started this year by the Peace School with the evening on Europe and continued with the debate on the Middle East. Encounters that have seen a great deal of interest and are likely to continue in the future on these issues. Gianni Minà was director of the all-sport sports newspaper and RAI contributor from 1960 where he worked on all newscasts that changed the TV language of TV 7 to TG's special services; from "Sprint" to "Dribbling", "AZ" to "Odeon", "The other Sunday" to "Mixer". After twenty years of special and documentary services in the United States and South America, taking advantage of sports, culture, entertainment and society, Minà from 1981 to 1984, has created and conducted "Blitz", an innovative program that held the afternoon of Rai 2 and was based on a theme with all communication languages ​​(talk-show, movie files, songs, movie footage, ballet, theater fragments). He has produced many documentaries, to lead a monographic program, "Stories, for Rai 2. Mika is also a contributor to the "Corriere della Sera" culture page, and to that of the "L'Unità" foreigners. In 1982, she won the "Saint Vincent" prize for sports journalism. She is currently director of the magazine "Latin America and all the South of the world".