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Yesterday, in Bra, Sunday 8, the 2005 edition of "Bimbinbici", the two-wheeler space for adults and children who saw in the afternoon pedal, side by side, children and parents. The initiative kicked off from the "Davide Galvagno" meeting center of Madonna Fiori, where over a hundred and twenty people have bicycles to follow the short track of the show. Along the streets that led the communist to Bandito, in Gallotto street and Crosassa street, escorted by municipal police agents and the means of the Red Braid Cross, were seen the most different two wheels, some still plucked by the wheels. At the end, after a saddle hour, a large snack of bread and chocolate, sliced ​​throughout the afternoon by Ladies Letizia, Irma and Marisa. Finally, the "Katalicammello" music show, which involved many children in dances and plays, who ended up feeling well beyond the concert.
During the event was also announced by Luciana Garombo, coordinator of the Bra-Alba environmental education laboratory (located at the Craveri Museum), as the initiative went to the ideal conclusion of the educational project for road safety carried on over the course of the year, anticipating how initiatives for pedestrianizing children will continue in June as a test of the "Pedibus" project, the walking bus that will be used by the downtown students to reach the schools. Caesar Palladino of Uisp has read the statement issued by the national leadership of the association, recalling how Bimbinbici's goal is to "attract the attention of public opinion and institutions on the road safety of home-school pathways, the viability of neighborhoods, the promotion of healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative transport systems in cities, increasingly chaotic, congested and insecure for cyclists. Children are likely to be adult-dependent for any minimum displacement, with negative implications for their health as well. " (Rg)