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There are twelve, out of a total of twenty-eight, the electoral sections in the Municipality of Bra, where voters using wheelchairs can vote at the next regional elections. This is the 1 seat in the elementary school gym in Via Marconi, the 5 seat in the elementary school in Via Vittorio Emanuele 200, the 6 seat at the "Mosca" elementary school in Piazza Giolitti, the 8 seat at the Elderly Center in Via Audisio, the 10 seat at the elementary schools of Via Marconi 18, the 13 seat at the "Rosselli 2000" meeting center. And again, the 15 seat at the primary school of Madonna Fiori, the 17 seat at the changing rooms of the athletics field in Viale Madonna Fiori 53, the 20 seat at the elementary school in via Piumati, the 24 seat at the Pollenzo elementary school, the seat 26 at the elementary school of Riva and the 27 seat at the school of San Michele. To vote in these seats, if different from those of assignment, it will be enough a medical certificate issued free of charge by ASL, or an authentic copy of the special driving license. In addition, the 13 and 14 sections have been re-located, which were transferred from the elementary schools across Europe to the Rosselli 2000 meeting center in Viale Rosselli 5, headquarters of the district committee of the Oltreferrovia. All interested voters were advised by sending a self-adhesive label to be applied to the electoral card. Finally, the Prefecture of Cuneo has recalled some requirements for those who want to present their candidacy for the consultation of 3 and 4 next April. This means that for these it will not be possible to use the self-certification institute to prove the registration on the electoral lists, given the exceptional nature of the sector regulations, as well as the times for the presentation of the lists, which must take place from 8 to 20 on Friday 4 and from 8 to 12 on Saturday 5 next March. The beginning of the polls has already been established, which for the regional elections will take place on Monday 4 April immediately after the closing of the seats. (Rg)