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After six and a half hours of discussion, the Bra Council has approved the budget maneuver for the current year last night on Monday 28 February 2005. At the end of a detailed analysis of the document, which revealed the various political sensitivities of the councils, the budget was approved with the votes of the majority forces supporting the Jury Squad (Bra Project, Forza Italia, Together for Scimone, United for Bra, North League and National Alliance) with a negative judgment from minorities (Democrats of the Left, Margherita, City of All, Commitment to Bra).
The session was opened by recalling the figures of Don Giussani, founder of the Communion and Liberation Movement, Beppe Manfredi, several times mayor of Fossano, and senator in life Mario Luzi, for whom a minute of observation was observed. The assembly chaired by Gian Massimo Vuerich then chose his own representatives in the Municipal Nursery Committee. This is Giovanni Rosso and Maria Teresa Casavecchia. Yes to the budget by the majority

Just above the thirty million Bra's municipal budget for the 2005. To expose figures and details of the document, outlining the economic maneuver of the civic administration, was the Finance Advisor Claudio Lacertosa, in a report that highlighted the poor use of the tax leverage. "We have left unchanged tax rates and individual service charge rates," the councilor said - "only increases the one for waste collection, which grows by 7%, but with an increase in the 17% of landfilling waste disposal rates and a collection and disposal coverage level that rises to the 97,23%. Nevertheless, we have raised the minimum income threshold for 14% for which a reduction is expected. The foundation of the political choices set out in the program by the mayor and the real needs of the city have made it possible to elaborate this document. It's a budget for a city that thinks of its future, "Lacertosa concluded. Below is a brief summary of the counselors' interventions

Adriano Maccagno (Forza Italia leader) - the balance is the result of a wise choice not to use the derivatives, leaving open margins on the debt side. If the average per capita tax pressure in the northwest is of Euro 371, in Bra this level is significantly lower, stopping at 339,36 euro. Much of the revenue Ici comes from real estate for productive activities: not having retouched the rate means to have the city's economy at heart.

Giuseppe Bonetto (Parenting Commitment to Bra) - beyond the 32% of the budget is spent at current expense, with outside consultations that seem too much. Positive to make a new school punk to Bandito, but could not do more and more quickly?

Eugenio Jona (The City of All) - Despite the differentiated collection promotion campaigns, the cost of waste tax increases. One perceives a void of motivation from the people. Priority is also to collect the wet fraction, raising the differentiation targets far beyond the limits set by the Ronchi decree (35%, ndr). One must take example from some fifty small communes of the Alba-Bra waste disposal consortium, where you will make a "door to door" collection with the prepaid bag. It is necessary to speed up the time for the switch to the tariff.

Massimo Borrelli (Left Democrats) - Cemetary charges used to finance current spending show a difficulty in accounting. Are there any certainty about the regional funding for the Politeama foundation and the trade fair, or do the budget data belong to the dream book of this majority?

Giovanni Fogliato (parent Margherita) - Downward per capita spending, and this year as well as in the three-year budget, there is no increase in contributions for the activities of the intesa community social welfare consortium Intesa. It could have dared to invest more in terms of favorable conditions for indebtedness, perhaps in the field of school building. The priorities of the municipal council are questionable.

Pio Giverso (Margherita) - Established a "dump tax" on waste collection, affecting condominiums, as companies or co-operatives pay for carrying bins in the street. Expense of spending that strikes especially those who are harder to get to the end of the month. Of this expenditure, the City may be responsible.

Pier Giorgio Pirra (Senior National Alliance) - Conscientious and transitional budget. No renovation of the council room at the municipal building has been planned, but there is a plan to build a parking lot in Fasola Street, which the same neighborhood committee judges negatively. A modest commitment to the recent poverty. Optimistic the forecast to increase the recovery of evasion from 289.000 to 600.000 euro.

Piero Degetto (parent Bra Project) - Ambitious budget that does not stop at managing the ordinary, looking ahead, to the future of our city. No cut in service delivery, with over two million funds allocated to school. No contributions for the Intesa consortium (of which Advocate Degetto is president, ndr) has not been increased because smaller municipalities in ours have expressed difficulty in sustaining greater spending.

Giuseppe Rosciano (United Parent for Bra) - Transition budget, made by different political groups but with identical problems. Armored Budget: Do not exacerbate tax revenue and hope to get greater revenue from evasion recovery. On the investment side, important engagement in the field of school building.

Giovanni Cravero (leader of the city of all) - Young people find too little space in this budget. Little effort on the public green face with every area that is being built, even by the Commune. Public transport should be privileged at the expense of the private one and there is no investment in new cycling routes. There is no unified design in the budget and it's amazing how you do not have the courage to make money to fund investments right now that the rates are low.

Luxury Marcello (Project Bra) - 28% of current expenditure is intended for environmental projects. Numerous interventions for young people are also planned.

Claudio Gallizio (left-wing Democratic leader) - a budget that is heavily affected by the influence of the National Financial Agency, which takes resources from local authorities. Sports clubs need to be helped by the construction of a sports medicine center in the city to prevent them from moving around for visits.

Anna Mass (Force Italy) - response to controversy in the 2004 budget for fundraising for a rehabilitation motor pool for the disabled, with the inclusion in this budget of the intervention funds. Budget paying attention to the social.

Valter Bergesio (North League leader) - Imported projects on the school and in favor of fractions and peripheral areas. The only tax that has been raised is the Tarsu but offset by a higher level for the less well-off families.

Sergio Panero (team leader Together for Scimon) - Realistic, viable, concrete budget. In a time of difficulty, you have been able to draw up a budget that does not aggravate the expenses in the pockets of citizens.

Bruna Sibille (Leftist Democrats) - On the Politeama, a city council was assembled in a hurry, in the last days of the year, to form the foundation. It is clear that the regional councilor of the head of culture has bugged him.

The councilors' remarks were answered by the various councilors of the Giunta Scimone, beginning with the Head of Public Works, Gianfranco Dallroto, who recalled the launch of the new School of Bandito. "We have not yet identified a specific area for construction, although we are ready to build it near the big roundabout in town, creating a sort of hinge between the suburbs and the hamlet," Dallorto said. complex will consist of an elementary school with five sections but with the possibility of expansion for another three, three sections of kindergarten and a gym. On the renovation of the council hall in the City Hall, Dallorto reported that the problem of the collapse of architectural barriers for access must first be resolved.
The Environment Minister Gallo recalled that all that was done in the waste collection was already provided in the tender dossier approved by the previous administration, while the delegate to the Municipal Police Balestra reiterated that the "braids" civich will sanction irregular behaviors " after a first period of more tolerant controls for the operation to take off. " The Councilor for Cultural Resources, Michelino Davico, revealed that the Politama Foundation is in the pipeline and regional offices are considering our project, as well as the Province of Cuneo, banking foundations and private companies that I have met these weeks. Nobody has been bugged here! "
More articulated the replies of the financier to Finance, Claudio Lacertosa, and the mayor Scimone. The councilor further explained the four causes that led to the increase in waste tax: the higher landfill disposal costs; the higher costs for the introduction of the new waste collection system; the increase in the extent of spending coverage (with the goal of reaching the 100%); the largest amount of wastes produced by braids, also due to the demographic growth of the city. "It is not true that there is less social spending. Compared to the 2004, we will spend more 23.000 in this sector. The fact that the impact on the budget is diminished is due to the growth of the denominator, current expenditures, as a result of the charges for Politeama and for the 2005 Edition of Cheese, which were not last year "- he then concluded Lacertosa.
More general, the conclusion of the first citizen, Camillo Scimone, who defined "the point of stop" of economic maneuver the will of "not to impose upon the citizens the design of this council". Scimone then explained that "attention to socialism does not just mean intervening in discomfort situations or making contributions. In our intentions there is the desire to place the people and families, recipients of services and bearers of interest in public power, at the heart of this political junta. Another priority area in our projects is security: here the investment is organizational, continuing in the policy of enhancing the services rendered by the Municipal Police, structural type, investing in video surveillance and public lighting, but also and above all of a political nature, calling for coordination and strengthening of the public security forces in the territory. Just in these days I have sent a new request to the Questor to assess the opportunity to open a Police Commissariat in our city. " The same Scimone has announced that the realization of the sports medicine center is coming to an end: "Within a month we will be able to leave." Words that have fanned the doubts of the National Alliance leader, Pirra, who had reserved a budget judgment at the end of the discussion. The measure was approved with eleven favorable votes and seven against.

Renovation of buildings in via don Orione, Bandito and in front of the station

Abandoned production areas that will now become residential. This is the sense of two municipal council resolutions regarding the redevelopment of buildings in via don Orione and Via Visconti Venosta, demolished to leave room for new buildings. As Deputy Mayor John Comoglio has said, "These are areas of recovery in areas identified by the regulatory plan as productive activities but which are no longer present. As far as don Orione was concerned, it was a car dealer and a building material warehouse. The building will be demolished and will be realized a residential "with car parks and a sidewalk along Don Orione" which I hope is a first step to the realization of a pedestrian walkway or bicycle to reach Bandito and then Sanfrré, via Vecchia Torino street "Said Claudio Gallizio, leader of the left-wing Democrats.
Also in the field of town planning, the Council approved a detailed plan that will enable the construction of a shed for productive activities in Bandito, and a detailed plan presented by a braid entrepreneur to allow for construction in via Trento and Trieste, in front of at the yard where the new Moving Center is being built. All these measures were approved unanimously.

Contributions for Church Work

There are three contributions that the City Council will allocate for work to be carried out on Churches on the basis of the 15 regional law 1989, which provides for the allocation of a share of urban infrastructure revenue to the maintenance, construction or renovation of buildings of cult or their pertinence.
Within the deadline of October 31, submit three requests: for the maintenance of the roof of the Church of Bandito, for the restoration of a wall of the Church of St. John the Baptist and for the recovery of the inner vault and walls of the Church of Sant'Andrea. The latter contribution was given the most substantial contribution, 10.000 euro, for the 5.000 for both Bandito and San Giovanni, also because of the "urgent, indecipherable and considerable amount of work involved in the works in Sant'Andrea" , as Vice Mayor Comocio said. (Rg)