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What did our ancestors put under our teeth? What were their habits around the table? How and with which drinks accompanied the different dishes? The uses and customs at the table in the various periods of history will be at the center of a stimulating cycle of conferences, organized in Bra, a city that in its fraction Pollenzo hosts the first faculty in the world of gastronomic sciences, during three exclusive evenings. During the events, from the suggestive title of "A dinner with the ancients", will rise to the chair will be historians and scholars, who will dig in the folds of millennia to provide a glimpse of everyday life, both the ruling classes and the plebeians who inhabited the Italian peninsula. All in the evocative setting of the new Teatro Politeama in Piazza Carlo Alberto. The first of the three events, scheduled for Thursday 3 March 2005 at 21, will be reserved for an overview of eating habits in the most ancient times of a northern reality, in a meeting entitled "For a prehistory of food in Piedmont", during which will report Dr. Filippo Maria Gambari of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Piedmont. Seven days later, Thursday 10 March always at 21, will be Anna Maria Ciarallo, from the Applied Research Laboratory of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Pompeii, to illustrate libations and dishes consumed under the Vesuvius. Title of the report: "Food and drink at the time of the Romans in Pompeii and in the Vesuvian cities". Last meeting, Thursday 17 March at 21, when Professor Irma Naso of the University of Turin, will make us travel back in time, to discover the characteristics of the "Middle Ages at the table". Historical period too often dismissed with extreme superficiality, but able to reveal surprising traits of modernity. "Dinner with the ancients" is organized by the Municipality of Bra and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities - Superintendence for the archaeological heritage of Piedmont and the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. (Rg)