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Intense activity, from the operational point of view, that of the treacherous agents of the Municipal Police Command in recent days. Below are some of the most important facts.

Severe road accident

The 18 of February 21 had recently passed, when in Don Orione, near the crossroads with Bria Street, the DG pedestrian crossing the road was invested by Toyota Yaris led by PI, dropping it a few meters in forward. Immediate arrival of the Ambulance of 118 and the Patrol of the Municipal Police of Bra. The unhappy was immediately transported to the hospital Santo Spirito where he is still hospitalized in his prognosis.
On the exact circumstances of the incident, there are ongoing investigations by the Municipal Police of Bra. The fact, as envisaged by the legislation in force, was reported to the Attorney's Office at the Court of Alba, which ordered Yaris's seizure. Arrested injured

Shortly after the 9 Saturday 19 in February came to Bra Municipal Police Operational Center for a report on uneven vehicles in via Brizio, near the pharmacy. Immediately the roundabout was sent, which, on the spot, was sanctioning uneven vehicles and removing a Lexus SC Convertible vehicle with the help of the gearbox without having the title in the disability area. At the same time, the driver of the Lexus came in, who, at the request of the agents to display the documents, got up on the car and flew, investing one of them and causing him seriously unfortunate injuries.
The situation was immediately reported to the Carabinieri Command which was on the traces of the investor. Shortly thereafter, a Carabinieri patrol of the Bra Station, he noticed an individual responding to the description made by the Municipal Police, on board a Fiat Panda near the roundabout of Roreto di Cherasco. The military blocked the individual, an injured domiciled in Bra, who was the same author of the investment, proceeding to his arrest at the barracks of Viale Constitution. After the rite acts performed jointly by the Municipal Police and the Carabinieri, the DdD was detained in the Prison of Alba awaiting trial. It will have to respond to several crimes including "injury and resistance to official public". (by the Bra Communal Police Command)