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Viability, environment, viability of urban centers, economic interests to be protected. These are the questions that Bra's municipal administration intends to address in a series of meetings aimed at better outlining areas of intervention, priorities and suitability of solutions that aim to improve environmental sustainability of choices that will be made in the coming months. "what happened in the past few days, at the headquarters of the Braids Traders' Association, during a meeting attended by the Environment Advisor, Giovanni Marco Gallo, Trade Manager Gian Carlo Balestra, Councilor for Viabilità, Roberto Russo. There is also the Commander of the Municipal Police Corps, Dr. Mauro Taba.
The three representatives of the Junta Scimone have shown to the representatives of Ascom some of the measures that the Civic Administration intends to take in the coming months, especially to reduce the impact of air pollution, with a total reflection of the city's road and with further reductions in the number of vehicles in circulation. This is based on the city's future application of the lines of conduct envisaged in the provincial action plan.
Councilor Gallo said that the meeting with Ascom "was the first of a series of appointments with the various productive and social realities of the city, with the aim of meeting the most suitable solutions to meet the concrete needs of our city. The way we administer that characterizes us is to define ourselves as involving as many people as possible in the decisions that affect the future of Bra, all the more so in such a delicate field as is the field of environmental protection. No solutions came down from above, but a sharing of goals and bottom choices. " (Rg)