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Priority will be given to the streets of the oldest historical city in the "door-to-door" collection of garbage to Bra. This is what emerged from the meeting between the representatives of the district committee with Mayor Camillo Scimone and the Councilor for the Environment Giovanni Marco Gallo, who also had a representative of the service concessionaire company. The meeting, convened to take stock of the situation of the new collection own party system from the old town a few months ago, allowed to put on the table all the difficulties experienced by citizens in the first phase, with the aim to make the appropriate corrective to improve the system. Another point on which has been drawn to the attention of municipal administrators is the need to provide for the collection of municipal solid waste, residual part with respect to what differentiated, in bins rather than in the transparent bags, to ensure a greater urban decor. On the subject, the Councilor Gallo stated that there is no foreclosure by the Civic Administration, provided that the shutters have been moved by the same citizens. The solution will be further explored.
Lastly, neighborhood committee representatives raised doubts about the collection of paper and board for commercial utilities. The community leaders, however, have recalled how, in this case, you will have to hear the opinion of the association category, the Ascom Bra, proposing a collection concentrated in a few hours, between 12: 30 and 15: 30 Wednesday and Thursday. (Rg)