Counselor Anna Messa (Forza Italia) is the new delegate of the Mayor Statue for problems related to the activities of social assistance. The announcement last night, Monday 29 November 2004, at the opening of the work of the City Council of Bra. After the words of the first citizen, Anna Mass announced her readiness to "make available to the public on Wednesday afternoons and on Friday morning, receiving in the offices of the Socio-School Breakdown. I thank the Mayor for the assignment he has given me, and the same commitment I have assured in volunteering for thirty years will make him available to the new task. "
After a minute of silence reserved to the memory of the victims of the Nassirya massacre, which took place about a year ago, the assembly then discussed a wise agenda where the municipal budget issues were predominant, with the approval of the maneuver of settling the 2004 economic forecast document. Approved budgeting

It is about 36.000 euro the cut by the municipal administration following the "spending decree", the governmental provision that has imposed on local authorities to reduce the amount of some budget items by 10%. "These are cost savings and not minor services," he said, pointing out the Finance Advisor, Claudio Lacertosa, to present the latest change to the municipal budget by the Government before the Settlement. incurred for one million and eight hundred thousand euros on the forecast budget for the current year. In this context, as illustrated by Lacertosa, funding is provided for "290.000 € as the sum of the administrative burden already tied up when approving the final balance sheet of 2003, which comes from a state transfer for the design of some of the interventions on buildings (Zizzola and Palazzo Mathis), 200.000 simple round trips and 482.283 € for more revenue for own taxes, taxes, commodities and municipal revenues. "
A measure rejected by minority groups which, according to the interpretation of the Margherita's parent, Giovanni Fogliato, "continues to give no priority, with ten thousand euros less investment for schools and five thousand more for the Great Bicycle Fund. In addition, the 400.000 Euro collection for waste collection is a good figure, so much so that this is the highest budget change made in the last years. We then learn that the waste disposal consortium closes the leak business. As a minority group we ask for a copy of all the budgets of the last three years of companies or consortia participating in the municipality. "
The Trade Commissioner, Gian Carlo Balestra, also took the floor as Vice-President of the Consortium of Waste Disposal. "In order not to change the disposal rates," Balestra said, "the consortium had asked the municipalities to pay a sum of seven euros per inhabitant to reach the balance of the 2004 budget. This was due to the fact that the landfill had run out, although the process for the construction of a new storage center was successful, even after a long and cumbersome journey. We have thus brought waste into other landfills with higher costs. " On investing in the school world, Education Commissioner Michelino Davico stressed that education in general has grown because "school and social services are a priority for this administration". Budget resolutions have been approved with the votes of majority groups (Fi, An, League and Civic Lists Bra, United for Bra and Set for Scimon) and with seven votes against (Ds, Margherita, The City of all, Commitment to Bra).

Censorship or omission?

"The choices made in the drafting of communications on the conduct of the sessions of the Council are solely based on the professionalism of the staff of the Municipal Press Office, which is in line with the ethical codes of the journalistic profession." So Mayor Camillo Scimone responded to an interpellation filed by some minority group advisers on how an opposition's request was filed in the press release of the opposition last September. "Information is essential for democracy, giving citizens an idea. It may be that in daily operations, rubbish is put under the doormat, "said Giovanni Cravero, leader of the civic list" The City of All ". "In the query, the heavy term" censorship "is used. This would have been if the governing bodies of the City Council, Mayor, Councilors, Councilors of both sides had intervened to point to the extender of the article, which I want to emphasize is journalistic and thus manifestation of thought, what to write and what no, "concluded the mayor of Scimone.
The nutritious chapter of the questions that councilors addressed to the City Council did not confine itself to the field of information, taking into account other relevant aspects of urban life. Among these, particular attention has been paid to environmental issues, focusing, inter alia, on the quality of air in the city. On this point, Jona's adviser (The City of All) has drawn attention to the level of thin powders, as it is a "big problem and the solutions are so many." He wanted to respond to the Environment Minister Giovanni Marco Gallo, saying that he had met, together with the Mayor, the head of the provincial headquarters of the ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency, ndr) who deals with air quality . With him it was possible to agree more detailed monitoring of the phenomenon from 2005, as well as the provincial councilor to the Environment has been heard to undertake joint actions among the major Granda companies. "We want to monitor the air quality more extensively and in depth, because if we do affect the traffic, we also want to know its impacts. Every action will be taken when we have precise and certain data "- added the Mayor Statue.
On the subject of the new ways of collecting waste separately, Eugenio Jona (The City of All) has stressed that, since its inception, there have been inconveniences of various kinds: the lack of entry of the concessionaires into the courtyards for the retirement of waste, at the timetable for waste collection, as well as "collecting even the wet fraction is essential for success". Jona's words followed Giovanni Fogliato (Margherita's parent company) who called on the Administration to become a contractual part of the concessionaire to evaluate modification hypotheses, also because "we need to hear the proposals coming from the citizens".
Gallo's response was not awaited, remembering how he is trying to best manage an "approved" project from the previous administration. "I asked our consultants if it was possible to retrieve the material in the courtyards and I was told that it would be a step back and not one step forward for differentiation, as we would like," said Gallo. "As for the times, at Bescurone will be different than the historical center because the town planning and the viability of the area is different. Every Thursday, for example, the "door-to-door" recycling collection in the old town uses ten trucks at the same time. If the timetable was postponed, it would create a clog in traffic. "

The Eternit will be removed in Lenti Square

Linked to the theme of environmental safeguarding, also an interpellation presented by some minority councilors on the situation of Lenti Square, has long been the object of an intervention that will allow the accommodation with the realization of a green area. The councilor for public works, Gianfranco Dallorto, replied on the subject, which reported that the work had been suspended, having found the presence of asbestos in Eternit slabs. "We will remove the slabs and the Eternit at sight by arranging the area, thus using it to complete the work of the third batch of intervention, which will shortly be approved the executive project needed for the bid."
Dallorto also intervened on other issues affecting some of the city's streets, such as Via XXIV Maggio ("Problems due to traffic intensification for the opening of new structures for which there have been no sufficient parking in the past"), Viale Industria ("There is insufficient funds in the 2004 budget but I am committed to considering the intervention in the next three years"), Via Piroletto ("It will be included in a project for the redevelopment of Rocca "), via Balau (" The Municipality has no competence because the road insists on private funds ").
Always the Public Works Councilor Dallorto also took into account the state of the work for the Rome Movement Center, ensuring compliance with the times of implementation. Instead, the mayor Camillo Scimone took the floor when some of the criticisms of the Asl 18 budget by minority groups were aired. "The Piedmont Region has already secured the financial coverage of higher costs," said the first citizen, recalling how the 11 of December will be held at Bra's health service conference.

How big is the hockey field?

The hockey field on the lawn under construction at the Madonna dei Fiori at the center of a debate involving the councilor of the Sport in charge, Gian Carlo Balestra, and the one who preceded him, the counselor Bruna Sibille (Ds). The reason for the contention, the higher costs for the installation, and whether these were justified by the need to obtain federal approval. "The size of the field has increased with respect to the original project because it was considered advisable to follow a summer 2004 recommendation issued by the International Hockey Federation, which called for the creation of new camps with bands of respect over the sides of more than four meters, one and a half expected at the beginning. It's only a recommendation, but in a few years, someone would have come to say that our camp was not regular for international races, "Balestra said.
Not satisfied with Bruna Sibille who has clarified how the original design would have led to homologation, with the need to justify higher costs for the 64.000 euro. On this point, architect Giovanni Galletto, head of the Municipal Public Works Department, explained how all the improvements made but pointing out that only a part of the higher costs (about € 38.000) went to affect the budget availability. on the other hand, the largest sums were found by the use of the auction rebate and prudent appropriation for unforeseen events already in the original project.
Other interpellations related to the lack of participation of the councilors of braids at the national assembly of Anci di Genova. This is where the Mayor Statue responded by stating how the importance of the event had been underestimated, while the Russian assessor intervened on the request for clarification on the activity of the Civic Voluntary Civil Protection Group and on its possible transformation into a "group municipal ".
"The competencies between the municipality and the volunteer civic group are governed by a convention and it is not intended to transform the group into" communal "also in relation to the good relations between the Administration and this formation. However, I have asked for the Convention to be extended. " "Keep in mind that this is a very special volunteering activity that acts in a vital area," Sibille (Ds) replied, adding: "Last August (nubifragio in città, ndr) there was the need for collaboration with volunteers and, in response to this need, there was no answer. Alarm bell tells how there are problems driving in the group. " Doubt fuggled by the same Russian councilor, recalling that the civic group does not have to face emergency interventions and that, in any case, greater cooperation can be achieved by extending the scope of the convention.

Only residents of the Old Center

With the sole vote of the leader of the National Alliance Pier Giorgio Pirra, the new regulation of the Centro Auditorio's Old Center was approved. Pirra motivated the failure to share the 1 article of the same regulation restricting access to the meeting center only to residents of Bra and the municipalities of the former USSL 64 (the eleven municipalities that are now part of the socio-welfare consortium Intesa, ndr). According to Pirra, this rule does not take into account the homeowners and dwellers in the city, as well as those who were born in Bra and want to come back for recreational occasions.
"In the old regulation, approved in the 1996, it was also possible to have access to the domiciles", recalled Pirra, to whom the Counselor Mass (Forza Italia) replied, in recalling that the draft in question was received by the Senior Center, and Dr Marinella Masini, the Director of the Municipal Social School Departament. "The meeting center has limited seats," said Masini, "and on Saturdays and Sundays, including those domiciled, there was a crowd of people who could not all be welcomed."
The Board then concluded its work by approving the statutory changes of various companies: from the management company of Cuneo Airport to the provincial financials Fingranda and Acque Granda, to reach the company owned by the Sartori indoor pool, the Sbn braid for swimming). In all cases, reaching unanimity of consents. (Rg)