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The best literature for kids has for some years been a fixed date at Bra (Cn). In May, from 18 to 22, in the city of Zizzola will be held the sixth edition of the "Children's Book Salon", hoping to repeat the great success achieved in the past years when the pavilions of the covered Market of XX Settembre were taken 'assault by tens of thousands of young people from all over northern Italy. In order to continue the success of the event, 2005 will also be presented with the "Giovanni Arpino Prize" for children's literature, with three distinct sections that will allow editor publishers for the youngest to take home a total prize pool of five thousand euros . The notice to participate was published on the Internet site of the City Council of Bra ( in the section "The City") and will expire on 31 next January. The categories in the race will be, as in the past year, those for fiction, with two distinct prizes for nursery schools and elementary and lower secondary schools, a prize for a book of dissemination and that of the illustrator-publisher. Once the requests have been received, with only one work permissible for each author, the technical jury will select the finalists of volumes that will be submitted to the last three classes of elementary and lower medals that the winners will award.
New to the 2005 edition of the "Salon" will then be a new themed space on the initiative of Bra's "School of Peace". This is the contest "The boys of the world cry out ..... peace", which involves the world of school in the development of works and activities on the theme of peace. The initiative, aimed at elementary, middle and lower secondary school students, expects that the works of the classrooms are displayed in a special space within the event, while the moments of performance will be included in the calendar of program appointments official. To join this initiative the deadline is 5 March 2005, based on the Membership Form also published on the pages of the "Children's Book Salon" on the official website of the City of Bra. (Rg)