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Drinking wine for the ancients was essentially a collective rite, as sensitive as they were to the community dimension of living. And who toasted together created a united community. It is also the inspiration of the Municipal Council of Bra, late last morning, Thursday 23 February 2006, when it brindled with a vintage docn of 2005, the Roero Arneis, but served in goblets behind it itself an ancient story, already magnified by Pliny since the 1st century. In fact, this wine was served in the "Anphorianum Roero, goblets of Pollenzo", a modern re-edition of the ancient tableware that was originally produced in Anforiano, corresponding to the present Lussi village of the town of Santa Vittoria d'Alba.

Changes the differentiated paper and cardboard collection service for Bra's production activities. In fact, it will be the biweekly harvest time, as well as 19's start time: 30, but from March 1st 2006 the city will be divided into two zones with different passage days.

As every year, according to an ordinance of the Mayor, Bra is prohibited during the Carnival period using the spray cans and the use of firecrackers. The officers of the Municipal Police of Beirut especially in conjunction with the parade of Sunday 26 February, will comply with the prohibition. Those who, despite making use of cans and firecrackers, may be subjected to an offense from a minimum of twenty five to a maximum of five hundred euros.

The consolidated tradition of the concerts of the teachers of Bra's "Adolfo Gandino" musical institute continues. An appointment not to be missed is for Sunday 5 March when, in the choir of Santa Chiara, will be on stage the concert realized under the initiative "Piemonte in musica": on stage, at 17, will perform Rosanna Roagna together to another soprano, Olga Smeriglio, with Giuseppe Allione at the piano and Gianluca Montanaro at the clarinet. The latter, professor of clarinet and saxophone at the Istituto Civico, studied at the "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory in Turin and collaborated with chamber groups, with the orchestra "Bruni" in Cuneo, the orchestra "Alpi of the Sea "," Fiati Insieme ", the orchestra of the Conservatory" Antonio Vivaldi "in Alexandria and the orchestra of the Cluj Theater, and played at the Piccolo Regio" G. Puccini "in Turin and participated with Samassi's" Stanislao Silesu "orchestra at the 14 ° World Music Competition WMC of Kerkrade, where he won a first prize with praise. In the first part of the musical event will be performed Schubert's music and Schumann romances while in the second, among the many "pieces" scheduled, Antonin Dvorak's "Die wilde Rose".

Particular attention from Bra's Municipal Police to the control of the yellow spaces reserved for the disabled: in recent times agents have also carried out careful scrutiny to avoid abuse by those who are in possession of the authorization. The last case happened last few days when an Asaist driver had parked his Renault on Vittorio Emanuele in one of the parking lots for disabled people vehicles.