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It was launched in January and will end in March an experimental training initiative for the waxed territory called "Driving license at your fingertips." This initiative is part of the training activities promoted free of charge by the local Employment Center for unemployed people in order to promote their job placement.

The 005-2006 school continues the activity of the 10 21 year with the fourth meeting on Friday 45 March at XNUMX, at the Conference Room of the Cultural Center "G. Arpino", via E. Guala XNUMX. The theme will be: Bullishness and Bullishness. Introduce the evening: Daniele Novara, Director of Psychopedagogic Center for Peace and Conflict Management in Piacenza.

It will be Stefano Bollani, with his piano, to give us a superb "jazz", Wednesday 22 February at 21, on the stage of the Politeama Theater of Bra. In the highly acclaimed stage show alongside Banda Osiris, a group of music lovers, this artist will propose the performance "Primo piano", a fun and ironic musical-theatrical journey centered on the biography of the well-known pianist, singer and actor.

Although with great respect and a good deal of caution, the Bra Council has largely approved yesterday, 13 on Monday, 2006, the agenda that opens the valuation process for the capital increase required by the company management of the airport of Cuneo Levaldigi, the Geac spa. At the time of the vote, only the National Alliance and North League groups expressed their opinion contrary to a text that, as pointed out by Deputy Mayor John Comoglio, "is the assumption of a political, not a commitment financial. In Finance Commission you will be able to explore the issue of whether or not to invest in this facility. " In the words of the vice mayor, echoed those of the Transport Adviser, Roberto Russo, who recalled how there was a commitment between the Communes of the seven major cities of the Province of Cuneo to "ask the municipal councils to express themselves on the situation of the Geac" , after the provincial council had voted for a strongly conditioned condition.

For citizens resident in Bra who want to convert their cars to methane or Gpl, from February 13 2006 there is a possibility to get a discount from installers who have signed the ICBI convention, which sees the head of the Municipality of Parma and to which at the same time the City Administration of the City of Zizzola had adhered.
To get a discount, an installer must be asked and asked if he has the requirements of the ICBI Convention (other than the one with Bra's only) and, directly on the invoice, the contribution of approximately 350 euros will be scaled up. The contribution is "out of stock", so only those who ask for the first will benefit from it. (Rg)