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The municipalities of Alba and Bra, in collaboration with the Ministry of Grace and Justice - Casa Circondariale di Alba and the Cuneo Criminal Execution Office, under the project "Eleutheria - Paths of social inclusion and work of people with problems of Justice ", funded by the Regional Social Policy Department, organized a seminar presenting the Good Practice Report in relation to the remedial justice paths implemented here. The seminar will be held on Friday 31 March 2006 from 14 to 17: 30 at the Magna Lecture of the "Giolitti High School" by Fratelli Carando in Bra.

A text among the most representative of Italian theater, for those who love the great authors of 900, on stage at the Politeama Theater of Bra. Luigi Pirandello, directed by Mauro Bolognini, will be on the stage of Piazza Carlo Alberto on Saturday 18 March 2006, at 21. The story tells the story of a young man, little more than forty, who, betrayed by his wife, accepts the condemnation and the punishment of spreading the love of one's wife to another man without losing it. The seemingly grotesque character of Ciampa is actually a bitter, one of the most characteristic Pirandellian heroes. It is a representation dominated by fiction, the graying of ambiguity, always swinging between the farce and the tragedy. To wear the clothes of Ciampa will be Sebastiano Monaco, accompanied by Marina Biondi.

Three encounters with Bra to be more attentive and aware parents. This is what will be proposed by the third edition of the "Parent Project", carried out by the City of Bra, the Second Educational Circle and the Intesa Consortium, which this year will be part of a cycle of conferences at the Polytechnic Center cultural "Giovanni Arpino" of great resistance. The title of the initiative is "Good to play with your children to grow together" and is specifically addressed to parents, teachers, grandparents, or carers of children from three to ten years old.

Thirty-five elements directed by Master Giuseppe Allione. There are many members of Bra's "Adolfo Gandino" Wind Orchestra, born within the Civic Musical Institution, which will perform on Saturday 18 March 2006 concert from 21 at the Cherasco Theater Salomon.

As usual, the City Council of Bra will present the 2006 Budget Addresses to the representatives of the economic and social forces in the city before it is approved by the City Council. Mayor Camillo Scimone and its Board members have calendared a series of meetings on Monday, March 20, summoning representatives of associations with communications that have been broadcasted these days by the City Hall offices.