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On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the disappearance of the Parthenopean dramatist Annibale Ruccello, Isa Danieli and Massimo Foschi report on stage "Ferdinando", the most representative work of a premature death author. With the Company "The Hypocrites", the novel will be on stage on Sunday 26 March at 21, at Politeama Theater in Bra. Set in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and focusing on the affairs of a noble family, "Ferdinando" is a kind of great apprentice novel with, in the background, national unification revisited from a private and family angle.

Last winter session for the Bra Council. In the conference room of the "Giovanni Arpino" cultural multifunctional center, the members of the assembly chaired by Gian Massimo Vuerich will meet on Wednesday 15 March 2006, at 17: 30, to discuss a daily agenda devoted to numerous questions addressed by the councilors to the , among the points under consideration, some town-planning resolutions. Here is the agenda of the work: 1.Comunications of the President and Mayor. 2.Interrogazioni. 3. Verbal meeting of 15.11.2005 sessions from N.64 to N.72. 4. Identifying Collegial Bodies with Administrative Functions indispensable for the Institutional Purposes of Commune 5.Variante N.1 to the Pip of Pollenzo. Modification of the "Fundamental Principles for the Convention between the Municipality of Bra and each Operator who will conduct a production within the Pip of Pollenzo". Preliminary adoption. Determinations. 6.Art. 7 paragraph 3 and art. 12 commands 8, 9 and 10 of the NTA of the PRGC Vigente. Real estate sites in via Alba, corner via Adua, Fg 49 Part. 1155. Real Estate Property Mondavi sas Recover area detection. (Va)
Three Bra condos have been sanctioned by the officers of the Treff of the Municipal Police for failing to comply with the municipal ordinance on separate collection. The three condominiums in question, located in the former suburbs of the town, had not taken out the bins, once emptied by the contractor, leaving them on the road continuously. The planned sanction ranges from a minimum of twenty five to a maximum of five hundred euros.

This morning, on Thursday 9 March 2006, at the headquarters of the Permanent Territorial Center of Via Craveri 7, the "driving license literacy" promoted by the Center for the Use of Bra in favor of unemployed women in active research of work in the braidian basin. The initiative was carried out after an analysis by the Center and the Active Labor Policy Service on the unemployed women's population in the area in order to remove obstacles to the territorial mobility of these people, allowing them greater chances of access to the proposals offered by the local labor market.

They return to Bra on Sundays on foot. From 12 March, and until May 28 May 2006, stop all the cars in the center and the Altreferrovia all Sundays (excluding 9 April for Political Elections and 16 of the same month for Easter) between the 12: 30 and the 19. The measure will affect the area already involved in the previous "Sundays on foot", with the sole exclusion of Via Craveri.