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Eleven opportunities for graduates to attend a job site at the Bra Municipality and the Intesa Social Care Consortium. The Civic Administration promotes an initiative that will engage the shipyard participants (with 31 gross euro per day for each day actually worked) for about six months, according to the notice published in the competition reserved for the contest website official town of Bra.

A peculiar road accident happened on Tuesday afternoon 14 March 2006 in XX September Square in Bra, near the new roundabout. To be involved were two bicycles run by two ladies, braids, DC and CA. The causes of the clash with the screening of the Bra Patrol Police Patrol intervening for the reliefs have created serious consequences for DA who was hospitalized at Bra's Holy Spirit Hospital with a forty-day prognosis.

Next chapter of the story about the construction of the new building at the corner of via Adua and via Alba, the one that was consumed last night on Wednesday 15 March 2006 during the session of the Bra Council. The assembly, unconstitutional and with the abstention of the minority groups, gave way to the definition of the recovery zone where, according to the rules of implementation of the current regulatory plan, it will be possible to build the palace with a lower volumetry than as originally requested by the owner.

The last 8 March 2006 training sessions officially took off on the topic of rational use of energy in the Second EFG Secondary School "Piumati" and in the second IM in the "Dalla Chiesa" media school from Bra. The project, which is organized in five meetings that will be concluded in October, will be aimed at raising the awareness of pupils and school workers on the topic of using energy and assessing the merits of the overall "energy quality" of the two buildings involved.

Representatives of the Bra Commitee and Bra neighborhoods were presented at the Town Hall, yesterday Monday 13 March 2006, the new municipal regulation and antenna location plan. Written on the study by engineer Emanuele Rambaudi, technical director of the Municipal Environment Office, the document is intended to become a useful tool at the disposal of the City Council in consultation with operators of radio and television services and mobile telephony.