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Eleventh edition of the Rocche Festival for four consecutive evenings, from 26 to 29 July 2007 to Bra, in the Traversa palace outdoor area. Kermesse combining innovation and tradition to present innovative performances and choreographers already known or emerging, this year also draws attention to international dance and music, with various proposals from Turkish, French and Italian art, giving space to those who Mediterranean countries who know how to convey intense emotions with these arts.

Residents of Bra, or who have their exclusive or principal work in the City of Zizzola, will be able to collect the form required to participate in the call for tenders for the accommodation of social services in the Town Hall, via Barbacana 6 on the first floor. public housing construction in the Municipality of Sommariva Bosco. This is what the announcement of the competition published recently by the Civic Committee, which indicates the deadline for submitting the questions at 12 14 2007 August.

It was presented in Rome, in the prestigious frame of the Senate Library "Giovanni Spadolini" of Palazzo Madama, "Sepulcrae pollentiae" by Fedora Filippi, the volume edited by the municipal administration of Bra. Presenting the work, which resumes the results of the important excavation campaign in the necropolis of the village Pollenzo, was the journalist and writer Sergio Zavoli who intervened after greetings brought by the Mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, by the Regional Councilor Franco Guida and by architect Giovanna Cravero, director of the Civic Museum of Palazzo Traversa.

Yesterday morning, Monday 9 July 2007, the mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone met with those responsible for the Cuneo-Alba area of ​​Enel. Engineer Pier Maria Seia and engineer Ivo Forelli of Enel presented the new plan for localization of the operating companies of the electric company, which includes the maintenance of the offices detached for the Alba-Bra area, and reassured the first citizen to maintain in the city of the operational seat and technical availability. The meeting follows some widespread fears in the city about rationalizing the services of the electricity distribution companies, welcoming the dialogue and confrontation of Regional Councilor Franco Guida. (Rg)
Damage some tombs to the hamlet of Bandito to Bra. On the spot were the officers of the Municipal Police of Treviso, who found out what happened and initiated the investigations of the case, signaling the fact to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Alba. Any witnesses or informed persons may contact the Municipal Police Command in via Moffa di Lisio to provide useful information to locate the persons responsible. Similar facts had happened some days before even at the Bra cemetery.