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With a reminder of the victims of the tragedy that hit some Southeast Asian countries, it opened last night on Wednesday 29 December 2004, the Bra Council. "We are all very impressed by the huge tragedy that has devastated these beautiful lands," said Mayor Camillo Scimone, asking the assembly to observe a minute of silence. The first citizen informed the councilors that the municipal administration had activated a current account (No. 1507493 at the Bra - Savings Bank of Bra - headquarters, headed by Bra - Pro earthquake Asia) to raise funds to red Cross , bringing concrete help in the affected territories.
As a first act, the chairman of the City Council, Gian Massimo Vuerich, invited all his colleagues to donate their coin, 20 euro, to feed the fund, to which Scimone was added, announcing that he had already planned an intervention 2.000 euro on municipal budget 2005.
On the agenda, the discussion of two interpellations and one resolution, the foundation of the foundation that will run the Politeama theater.

The Bra Commune has also activated its own current account to raise funds to target populations affected by the earthquake in South East Asia. Anyone who wants to contribute will be able to do so by submitting to the Bra - Pro earthquake Asia council the bracket of the Bra Saving Cash Register 1507493, headquarters (code QQ Q, Abi, 6095, Cab 46040).

After the appointment of the first five communal committees, the Mayor of Bra Camillo Scimone also appointed members of the Municipal Commission for Hygiene and Health, following the indications provided by the political groups represented in the City Council.

From 3 January 2005 change the mechanized sweeping modes in the streets of Bra's center. From next month, cleaning will take place on a weekly basis at scheduled times, with the imposition of restraining bans allowing Sea-Bra Services, a garbage collector company in the city, to carry out cleaning operations even in parking spaces .
The work program, also subject to an order issued by the municipal council in June, stipulates that cleaning is done every morning in different areas of the center, leaving the day free on Fridays, coinciding with the weekly market, and late afternoon hours to allow the evening rest. From the beginning of the 2005, the prohibitions will be indicated by fixed tides that will specify, for each area, day and time of sweeping, taking care that the forced removal of the vehicle will be avoided.

An official of ATT, the home affairs agency, will be available to the public at Braun Town Hall on Wednesday, 12 January 2005.
In the offices of the Civic Administration, it will be possible to compare, among the 9 and the 13, for all issues relating to public housing construction directly with a Cunean head of the Agency. (Rg)