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This morning, Wednesday 15 December 2004 met in the Hall of the Municipal Palace of Bra, the board of directors of the Langhe Aqueduct and the Cuneian Alps (Acalac), the consortium company operating in the water capture and distribution sector potable in the provincial and beyond. The members of the Board met with the Mayor Camillo Scimone, who was presented by the President of Accalac, Professor Roberto Boffa, the company's lines of action, and also the synergies launched in various areas on the widest territory of Langhe and Roero, but also between the same city of Zizzola and the nearby Alba.

Cianese chansonnier Gianmaria Testa will conclude, with an exclusive concert that will be held in the Alba district home on 20 2004 December 17 at XNUMX, the project "Agora, paths of social inclusion". The intervention was aimed at people subject to restrictive measures of freedom and aimed at providing them with support in the rediscovery of skills and resources, useful for starting a virtuous path of social inclusion.

Bra changes in the "door to door" collection of waste at the upcoming holidays. No means of operation on Christmas Day, with the collection of waste postponed to Monday 27 December. I'm leaving for Saturday, January 1st, 2005, with the collection being made on Monday, the next January 3.

No payment to the Braune's Bureau of Economics for the last three days of the year. To proceed with the closure of the 2004 accounting year, the City Hall office will not accept payments on days from 29 to 31 in December.

Changes at the timetable of the Bra Council's Consumer Desk at the end of the year's holidays. For Christmas and Holiday Period, the door will be closed from 24 December 2004 to 6 January 2005, resuming regularly on Friday 7 January.