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The Bra Council's tradition continues to give a plaid plaid recognition plate that, in their business, is distinguished around the world. This morning, Tuesday 7 December 2004, the municipal executive was awarded and awarded the sound engineer Roberto Maccagno, who won the prestigious "Latin Grammy Award" in Los Angeles, the Oscar for light music.

Road accidents and interventions of the City Municipal Police from November 29

It has now become a pleasant tradition for music lovers, the Christmas concert of the Civic Institute of Music "Adolfo Gandino" by Bra. Wednesday 22 December 2004, at 21 X in the Auditorium of the High Resistance Cultural Center "Giovanni Arpino", students and teachers of the institute directed by Giuseppe Allione will give over two hours of intense emotions with the seven notes, Stilton's music, Geminians, Haendel, Gillespie, Lajos, Hazon, Adam, Rutter, Willcocks, Vivaldi, Cominetti and other authors.

The new waste collection system of the town of Bra is underway. After leaving in the historic center and in the Bescurone district, with the "door to door" collection, and with this latter district also engaged in the experimental collection of "organic" residues (kitchen waste, skins and so on), l Experience has also been extended to all non-domestic "assimilated" utilities.

Wednesday 15 December 2004, at 21, in Bra, at the Auditorium of the Cultural Center "G, Arpino" (via Guala 45), will take place within the 13 ° course of the "School of Peace" dedicated to the theme of Legality and Justice as a fundamental element of Peace, the third encounter titled "Educare alla legalità".
The evening rapporteur will be Dr. Giancarlo Caselli, Procuratore Generale of Turin.