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The author of an abandonment of waste in the Falchetto district of Bra has been identified. In recent days, thanks to the collaboration of some residents of the area and the neighborhood Committee itself, the abandonment of a significant amount of waste along the Falchetto road was reported to the Municipal Eco-Desk.

As indicated by map of the Region on the progress of the infection in Piedmont (last update 29/10 at 18.30), Are 334 those domiciled in Bra currently positive for coronavirus.

Also this year the Municipality of Bra is auctioning several historic tombs located in the urban cemetery of piazzale Boglione which over time have been reacquired by the municipal administration. In total there are 15 areas, of which 6 were auctioned for the first time, eight reached the third tender experiment, which are now presented with a 50% reduction of the previous auction base amount, and a tomb that has already been the subject of several tenders which now undergoes a further reduction of 50% compared to the previous amount already “discounted”. For all of them it is a ninety-nine-year concession.

Download this file (TOMBS LOCATION.pdf)TOMBS LOCATION.pdf[Cemetery map with graves arrangement]1085 kB

By November 2020 citizens in possession of the eligibility requirements can apply for inclusion in the register of polling stations. To apply, it is necessary to have fulfilled school obligations and to be voters in the Municipality of Bra.

On Saturday 31 October 2020 the eco-center in Corso Monviso will be closed to the public, as required by the trade union ordinance, to avoid potential situations of gathering given its position in the immediate vicinity of one of the entrances to the urban cemetery and the upcoming commemorations for the dead.