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After the controversy reported in recent days by the local press about the renovation work at Piazza Venti Settembre, the City Council of Bra wanted to take a position on the subject to clarify the administrative procedure that led to the definition of the project before and after the " start work then.

It will meet Tuesday 7 September 2004, at 18 30 on the premises of the Cultural Resistance Center "Arpino" of Wide Resistance, the City Council of Bra who will listen and discuss the program lines of government for the next five years illustrated by Mayor Camillo Scimone . During the session, the Permanent Board Committees will be set up and the two representatives of the highest civic assembly will be appointed within the Volunteer Consultation.

Bra arrived this morning to Bra, the fifteen children from Belarus who will participate, just like every year, on the planned therapeutic stay schedule for young people arriving from areas affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Accepted by the Delegate Advisor to the Association of Friends of Chernobyl Children, Bruna Sibille, the fifteen Belarusians and their accompanying, were officially greeted at the "Giovanni Arpino" Cultural Center for Culture and were welcomed by the families who will host them during the period of stay in the city.

Discounts for residents in Bra in the indoor pool of Senator Sartori. This is the first result of the collaboration between the town administration of the town of Zizzola and the Sbn, the "Trekking Society for swimming" which has realized and manages the swimming pool in the sports center of Madonna dei Fiori.

6 will open on Monday and will be closed on Friday 17 September for the 2004-2005 Courses of the Civic Institute of Music "Adolfo Gandino" from Bra. In addition to the regular courses that follow the ministerial programs for State Conservatives, the program developed by the artistic coordinator Giuseppe Allione and his collaborators is able to satisfy every need.