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A car accident occurred in recent days in Bra in via Fasola, near the intersection with via Craveri, where they would collide without colliding with a Nissan Micra conducted by IP, a thirty year old Bra, and a moped Linhai led by CM, thirty years old of Bra. The driver of the Micra was unharmed while the driver of the scooter, in an attempt to avoid the collision, fell from his vehicle getting injured lesions in a week. Immediately upon arrival, the municipal police emergency patrol arrived and investigated what happened.

A new Bra misuse of the authorization that enables parking in spaces reserved for disabled people's vehicles. During a check, a patrol of the municipal police Braida stopped a woman from Turin entered the restricted traffic area of ​​Via Vittorio Emanuele who then stopped in the yellow space.

Noah's Ark came from Bra. This morning the mayor Camillo Scimone attended the first of the new municipal service aimed at children between zero and three years. With him, the president of the social-assistance consortium Intesa, Piero Degetto, for a project that is part of the interventions to families provided by the area plans of the same body that deals with social services.

A group (the Northern League) announcing a car suspension of its representatives from the work of the Council and the Council. The announcement that at the end of the constituent phase of the Democratic Party representatives of DS and Margherita will unite to form the relative majority group of the assembly. The approval of the last two changes to the 2007 municipal budget. The green light to two variants on the master plan, including one that anticipates in some of its contents the new general urban instrument. Rejected a motion to declare the Braidese territory "free" from genetically modified organisms. Many questions, other approved resolutions, one of these withdrawals. It all happened during the City Council of Bra, which met yesterday evening, Thursday 29 November 2007. The session was then interrupted for over half an hour due to a sudden blackout at the electrical system, which put into question the continuation of the work, which then lasted for more than six hours.

Three appointments next week with the great proposals of the 2007 / 2008 billboard of the Teatro Politeama di Bra. To open the events will be Monday 3 December a string orchestra of thirty elements directed by Federico Guglielmo, which will follow two events: Thursday 6 December the company of Susanna Egri will lead on the axis of the structure of Piazza Carlo Alberto Raphael White in one evening , entitled "Solo con me", dedicated to ballet, while Saturday 8 will be the turn of the "rebel music" of Eugenio Finardi, who will perform under the Zizzola in a concert with free admission.