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The Aspromiele Producers Association inaugurated in Bra at the Hotel I Cavalieri the new Section "Amellier, the friends of honey". Expert tasters from all over Italy, from Trentino to Campania, Tuscany, Emilia, etc., but also from Switzerland and Morocco, have come together to taste Italian honey and some honeys of the world together and especially to design a group in a group new to promote honey, the quality product of our bees. Promotion must above all be based on the ability to recognize quality, then produce it and then present it correctly to the consumer.

A fire of vast proportions is affecting from the early hours of Monday 10 December 2007 a farmhouse of Bra, located near the intersection between Corso Monviso and Via Rolfo. The pyre almost completely destroyed the barn in which several straw bales and the tool shed were piled up, together with several agricultural machines. No injuries despite the almost total collapse of the building.

Party atmosphere in the courtyard of the elementary school in via Vittorio Emanuele II in Bra. In front of a banquet full of drinks, panettone and pandoro, the mayor Camillo Scimone, accompanied by the commissioners Russo and Dallorto, has officially thanked the young students of the school. An intervention aimed at recognizing the merit of the students to have embellished, with their decorations, all the hundred pines scattered around the city, making it more colorful and lively, in tune with the Christmas atmosphere.

Starting from Monday 17 December 2007 from 17 to 19, and for all the following evenings, tickets to the 30 December New Year's Concert will be on sale at the Teatro Politeama Bra box office. As in the best tradition, the appointment at the end of the year with the Classical Orchestra of Alessandria is back and will be directed by Maurizio Billi. Tickets will be on sale at a cost of twenty euros for the whole and sixteen euros for the reduced (over 65 years and under the years 26).

Balocchi protagonists at parties, in Bra, not only in shop windows. Throughout the month of December the four steps in the center under the Zizzola can be accompanied by a visit to the Toy Museum in Via Guala. Here open doors every Sunday, without reservation obligation, from 10 to 12: 30 and, in the afternoon, from 15 to 18: 30.