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Almost thirty years after that 1978 full of tension and political clash that has shaken the whole of Italy, Tuesday 18 December 2007 relives the tragedy of Aldo Moro on the axes of the Teatro Politeama di Bra. A show that retraces, from the point of view of the political man, or simply of man, the days of the kidnapping, imprisonment, death. The scene will be dominated by one of the sacred monsters of the Italian theater, Paolo Bonacelli, who will touch the task of giving voice to the most intimate thoughts of Aldo Moro, with his images taken from period news and the films of Bellocchio and Ferrara .

Thursday 20 December 2007, at 17: 30, in Cuneo will be awarded the best thesis with subject the Granda, according to the initiative banned by the provincial administration. Among the many subjects involved in support of the initiative, also the Municipality of Bra, which selected and awarded the theses of two young students of Braida: Lucia Dogliani and Claudia Scarzello.

Three exceptional concerts for the groups of the "Adolfo Gandino" Civic Institute of Music. It starts Friday 21 December 2007, at 21, with the traditional "Christmas Concert". On this occasion the students of the musical institute of via Parpera will perform, directed by maestro Giuseppe Allione, on the stage of the Auditorium of the multi-purpose cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Largo Resistenza.

The list of buildings not declared in the cadastre will be available at the Tribute Office of the Municipality of Bra, up to 4 February 2008. In particular, these are constructions that have been identified through photographic images for land parcels registered in the Land Cadastre that do not find correspondence in the urban building cadastre. The office is located in via San Giovanni Battista and can also be contacted by telephone at the 0172.430001 number.

A hundred decorated fir trees have been distributed these days along the historic center of Bra, with the aim of wishing a Merry Christmas to residents and visitors. On this occasion the City Council of the city of Zizzola wanted to thank companies and arms that contributed to the initiative. In particular, the Big Store of Bra for having donated the firs, "Il Papiro" of Alba for the decorations, the volunteers of the Civil Protection Civic Group for having collaborated in the dislocation of the plants and the students of the fourth and fifth grades of elementary schools of via Vittorio Emanuele who materially provided the installations. (Rg)